A Spectacularly Close Look at the Rockettes

ABC's Will Ganss goes behind the behind the scenes at Radio City's Christmas Spectacular, even learning a few dance moves from the Rockettes themselves.
4:07 | 12/23/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Spectacularly Close Look at the Rockettes
So some. Two million Americans or people will get to see what's called a Christmas spectacular at radio city this year and horse. Backed secular heroes are seeing it now. Well let ABC's it will jam got a chance of a lifetime getting up doesn't personally if you dancing pointers from the rockettes themselves. And and I. The tree at Rockefeller Center. Of the holiday season is upon us here in midtown Manhattan. And a tradition almost as famous as the Christmas tree itself the Radio City Rockettes and the Christmas spectacular now I've been working on my high kicks. Something tells me I'm might need a pointer. Somewhere in the front door shows a day and I 300 kicks first else to members of the iconic precision dance team took a little time to spill some shows secrets Candace until in a met me backstage and the most holly jolly sparkling. Preventing costume room this side of the North Pole. This is one of our rooms where we would get dressed in between numbers some of our costumes and is fire in mind the second skipped the costume changes. He wouldn't be able to do with out and he's accustomed. The Craxi backstage here during the show is just isn't my eyes. On. Let's forget Santa's elves to radio city costume crew is the hardest working team this time of the year. Every one pull he bought on. Stage have custom. Which adds up to more than 350. Loads of laundry per week for sixteen hours a day during the week and twenty hours a day on the weekends. Mike thank goodness someone. Electrical work out how heavy is this thing. Sure how many pounds of it but the sent our Santa suit it is courteous and says that's insert some have fat jolly fields. Incidentally eggs have been seen to be very the Santa hat gloves and I have to imagine. It gets a little coats that it's the little why. I. Actually. But if anyone to beat the heat it's the rock cats. Passes in peak physical shape despite any Christmas cookies or holiday tree it's very import. Back in the cloud was snatched on it it'll down in between shows. So that we take care of our body is and we have a wonderful athletic training departments because it is a very athletic. DS it looks very. Easy somewhat yeah. Oh yeah. The rockettes do a magical job making those dances look silly. And one of them. Parade of the wooden soldiers have been in the show since it made its debut at radio city back in 1933. But no dance is more famous than that signature rockettes kick line. So after some pre show warm ups and rush can't approved stretching him. Nice a whole letter descending and asked the rock cats to make my Christmas wish come true joining Iraq. So home and want. To. Hello. So yes a very Merry Christmas for in this longtime rock can't fan but don't worry it girls told me their Christmas season is still merry and bright despite working so hard this time of year. From Radio City Music Hall in midtown Manhattan. Will stand ABC news. It's it's do it. Smith Zurich kick but I have my at my spend time it's okay thanks so much straight out of my grandparents read some good news. I'll Villaraigosa.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"ABC's Will Ganss goes behind the behind the scenes at Radio City's Christmas Spectacular, even learning a few dance moves from the Rockettes themselves. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44364009","title":"A Spectacularly Close Look at the Rockettes","url":"/WNN/video/spectacularly-close-rockettes-44364009"}