Spy Plane to Become Fastest in the World

Lockheed Martin unveils plans for the SR-72, a hypersonic plane that could fly at Mach 6.
2:54 | 11/11/13

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Transcript for Spy Plane to Become Fastest in the World
Right next time is about your little digging but I saw this article and I -- SR 71 -- plane that was in the 1960s -- America -- -- -- outlets was the fastest plane ever they mothballed -- in the ninety's that -- in the sixties and just -- my model was a -- out of love. Anyway they have now they're working on Lockheed Martin announcing that the working on an SR 72. And this will be the fastest player in the world was completed an informal -- six. Twice as fast as the SR -- to give you an idea that's 3500. Miles an hour this can be launched. And go to any spot in the world in wind -- -- One hour from wherever launched -- -- -- amazing that's some credit where the carrying a mile to go anywhere. No it's not -- yeah -- -- spy -- W great it was at passengers. Anyway -- -- science reporting all this and it's not supposed to be ready until about twenty. Third the -- go to new. Fastest -- in the world. -- very ordinary need to be involved -- right to check this out. For all of that out there who do you Wear make up the problem another who do not Wear make up there is an interesting little study that's what -- hearing and Sunday Times style magazine. A French neuroscientist. Apparently has. The study revealed that imperfections can distract the brain that basically means if you Wear makeup and lipstick eyeliner the whole shebang. Apparently people looking UN think that you're more likable more trustworthy either more willing to approach you. Surprise surprise surprise surprise is that you did he basically look like a prettier version of yourself -- people apparently the brain is distracted by imperfections on the face you've covered the imperfection. More study came out a new electoral mormons -- about the make up she looks really. -- that's what you are different and that's why the fact that I've met at that spectacular record -- -- my a little bit of data general manager. In the NFL guys actually appear in my right hand got the -- although viewers a little bit lipstick eye that you don't figure -- -- Cars and right -- I -- we go I'm sad story. Question back taxes for realizes that Pakistan has banned -- -- book I -- Moala. I've known that is inaccurate -- education officials on this -- that kept private schools private schools in Pakistan have banned the book. They claim that it doesn't show enough respect for Islam and they -- calling her a tool of the west. So this is private school people who profile you know rose steadily -- -- when she wrote this book so it's it's not necessarily decision made the public schools yet. But the head of the private -- says. This isn't on Islamic book and it's -- -- that's just hit back. I'm you know I'm really looking forward to reading this -- so it is unfortunately. It's unfortunate that people in these schools won't have an opportunity really quickly you -- tell in the last 152 that we -- here in Los Angeles has. Decided to stop giving some schools in Los Angeles has decided to stop giving its students I packed because there is packed them. They're getting into web site but not supposed to getting onto -- really all that's promised.

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{"id":20850477,"title":"Spy Plane to Become Fastest in the World","duration":"2:54","description":"Lockheed Martin unveils plans for the SR-72, a hypersonic plane that could fly at Mach 6.","url":"/WNN/video/spy-plane-fastest-world-20850477","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}