Starbucks Super Fan Challenge

A woman tests herself by only eating Starbucks for an entire year!
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Starbucks Super Fan Challenge
Welcome back everyone time for the -- -- you know how this works this is some of the coolest stuff if you. People talk about if we get to talk about it took great let's do it that's your first one we want to show -- this. This is an incredible kids before -- talk -- it just take a look at video. OK so the dancers name is Andy standing disastrous performance yes this little boy if you -- to dance with tremendous the kid needs some encouragement and finally gets up he starts dancing. This is an Edinburgh. Edinburgh Scotland. Take a look at this -- -- -- -- -- that is. I don't know -- we don't know how this could not say members of the afternoon that I can't just stated my mom got. I don't know I don't know -- -- -- -- to -- young uninhibited but so the lesson in all this is when funny dressed -- ask you to dance in the streets and messaging and amended on ABC. There you go ahead and veto things that I in the realm of I didn't really believe is true sleepwalking. At least I don't know is -- really medical thing that so we're -- and get to that just a moment but we've got I get another -- that I want to bring up here and mrs. A story about someone whose legal name is beautiful existence -- saying that -- of legal name is beautiful existence you know there's a story about. The woman from Seattle and believe it or not she tested herself -- eating every day breakfast lunch and dinner every single meal at Starbucks. In other words she lived the life of a normal New Yorkers. -- and every single -- And this is incredible and the reason she did it was because she wanted to -- -- Seattle business low interest in your read about the New -- apart I have I have seen -- -- -- -- hours. Especially here in the news and how -- I'm looking at night. That is so tradition gateway do we know if we I don't know I don't know of have been trying to see if she gave away if she liked it if she didn't but I'm wondering if it's like the subway diet than McDonald's -- -- so if she gained weight you know and -- -- their -- -- Jason call are so beautiful existence entrusting that point do you remember the shark story and there's this mother who her son and her friend his friend. It went in there you go. And you -- over there to the right there's what appears to be a shark and then she realizes later that it. Oh my gosh that kids are supposed to shark turns out that one expert -- that was actually adults it. Not a -- but I tell you as a mom I was looking that way of thinking what are those kids doing so close to the wait -- but then I noticed of course capital. Figure over there terrifying yet it's terrifying even I mean it's it's dolphins that's cute the dolphins -- -- Yasser. -- and got to tell you that sleepwalking people sleep walks -- times -- -- -- and they're the weirdest things that people do that would sleepwalking one woman fell asleep on a bench. -- -- -- -- -- -- And sell off of a platform. They're sex sought -- out happily married -- -- sleep walks into a bar picks up men and brings them home I'm sure fight this one.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A woman tests herself by only eating Starbucks for an entire year!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21395692","title":"Starbucks Super Fan Challenge","url":"/WNN/video/starbucks-super-fan-challenge-21395692"}