'Start Here': MIT launches social experiment

The game is called "Bee Me" in which one man has volunteered to do whatever the internet tells him to do. ABC News' Brad Mielke reports.
1:58 | 10/31/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Start Here': MIT launches social experiment
Switching gears now to what may end up being the creepy as Halloween event of the year MIT is launching an online social experiment called V me and which one person. We'll give up their free will to the Internet it's. ABC's Brad milky joins us now DeWitt at school fees sales at good morning Brad. As yet you went about creepy Halloween entertainment check this out one guy at MIT just like to give up his free will to the internment. TT tech wizards they have created this game and Colin B needs. We're dude has volunteered to do what ever crowd tells him to do they're supposedly trying to win the game but come on. These are people on the Internet and I talk to the researcher in charge of this project Nikola pitcher tele and I asked him. Aren't you afraid that gamers it is gonna make this person do something super embarrassing or worse yeah it's. Early I mean Gwynn intimate as being given controlling the bus we know that's you know trolling happens like trolls come in and they liked patrol. And that's and that's fine. We we know that serve people want to find one to make could be yet to do like. Crazy or outlandish things. We. Just one tool you make sure that everybody's safe and nobody like Khamese for someone between our TVT over or these respects you know buildings and other people and and that conduct himself. And there are some basic rules here the person will not do anything dangerous or super offensive there identity is being closely guarded. But Nikola told me players here have to re on what they want this person the DO cell. Scariest thing maybe for the player is feeling what it is like to be the Internet. We'll have a lot more on this creepy game on start here later this morning check it out and apple podcasts refitted podcasting app and that's Linda. So the person being control would be a trained. Actor by the way. Not any one randomly selected right as they said bill conceal his identity so you'll know exactly who it is it is kind of creeped.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"The game is called \"Bee Me\" in which one man has volunteered to do whatever the internet tells him to do. ABC News' Brad Mielke reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58870813","title":"'Start Here': MIT launches social experiment","url":"/WNN/video/start-mit-launches-social-experiment-58870813"}