Stay on that Diet Without Leaving Home

South Beach begins a home-delivered diet meal service.
3:01 | 05/09/14

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Transcript for Stay on that Diet Without Leaving Home
That old saying you can never be too richer too -- Of course being rich can help you be then by hating a tasty diet -- delivered right to your door. ABC news travel -- lifestyle editor identity shot brown has been doing -- taste testing and she's parenthood she found good morning generally good morning -- -- had eighteen and we. -- has just entered the world of diet delivery but doesn't work I spent two weeks incremental. Let's check it out. For writers there's one means that synonymous with diet delivery I -- the only simple -- informed me. Nutrisystem. -- -- -- A new player has -- into the marsh and if you're watching waits its likely need depth and with just a few weeks left before bathing suit season. Just trying to get curious to -- shedding pounds so I decided to -- -- -- -- -- various. This is an email today for seven days so. I'll be -- 21 me -- to help I have enough room in there printer is South Beach diet is doctor designed if I'm excited about the lesser but similar service. Usually what get people who are. They know they wanted -- well but if we need to find kidnapped Friday may be a mom -- -- -- -- the weather and well it requires some. And while Michael -- -- might not sound all that dealing with a full time jobs. -- meals delivered to your door it's hard to beat. News for the -- her. -- -- -- -- -- -- The most important thing to focus and what their. Correct report it pretty good but convenience comes at -- eastern Kentucky. Six dollars -- seventy delivery. -- -- about the high cost. Increasing your -- and -- vegetables. Pink or all of -- -- pool program to increase your hydration. Our -- -- ABC here's the big question how much did you lose a lot just almost five pounds. -- -- feel she has a little bet. Why don't like that -- even -- not encouraging cheating anyway. -- a little bit. That and it might not accurate and yet you sacrifice and your tasty meal into there is citing eyewitnesses chicken cumin or -- I'd be interested to see you guys think so what I -- -- figured out what's in it. So that -- -- sides -- -- -- and I think pets and plants on the side okay are about Nevada not yeah. And -- if if I have to. This -- -- him. Out of my kind of like 334 minutes for each meal and you cannot be the convenience -- And it's not pepperoni pizza but -- yet to lose weight and it's yes who knows but Johnson says what you got it out to do and it's not bad at all not bad. Not travel much Genevieve Shaw brown we thank you so much for coming.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"South Beach begins a home-delivered diet meal service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23651866","title":"Stay on that Diet Without Leaving Home","url":"/WNN/video/stay-diet-leaving-home-23651866"}