Must-have STEM toys for every age group

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows the hottest STEM-related toys for children of all ages.
4:14 | 02/26/18

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Transcript for Must-have STEM toys for every age group
I and we're back and we're talking toys but before we get to break stuff some serious have to break your mind for second here Soes Staten. ST EM its stance more science technology engineering and math and in a recent study. By the pew research they found that only 29% of Americans redid the US education system. As above average compared to the rest of the world. So let's do our part to change that by getting a preview of the newest stemmed toys that are coming to the market this year learn effect of course a toy insider. Mom is here with us I similar to show its debt means let's. Kelly to really ballot teaching kids the route played but teaching them important things like science technology education and mathematics. But this is a fun way to learn it quick start with that would think Larry. Wrapped up president clubbing here. So what we're at eighty and last we are we have going honor. Fifteen of these each one represented in instruments of kids are learning about the different instruments they're making music they're learning about way to make a pattern. You're like it at Harris yeah. All right so I want to introduce you to my little. I got dead ended a three inch robot with a huge personality and he's filled with artificial intelligence. Daddy get eight sensors on him so. He responds to light to temperature at the other thing is there's gonna be an act that kicks in Arlington they can you coding and actually code my loopy he's going to be a friend he's a to tell jokes he's gonna respond to different thing sorry he's just got so many cool ways of being York that. Our right sell. Is really awesome too so this is that the reader Le pen. And I've talked about this before because it's how kids can make creations using just this plastic. Harris is that I can earn a high wringer it is like a 3-D printer but now they connected with a company called Xbox so expects makes these little teeny. Bugs that go by Craig facing only a tirade and they're very into education fiscal they put it together and now we have our three do let's start acts these were made yeah it could create your own creation so if you look on each one is a little thing on top yeah now aren't hacks but is into the kitchen making a left. All right NIC let's talk about chemistry and Braylon is bringing it together and in college this Israelis. I'm color chemistry kit so if you would put these tablets in the volcano that by the way the kids 82. So there's an activity book that has hit the activities and using nothing isn't here so that they can make fifteen of them OK go ahead so easy but the tablets in an I want you to pour some hot water right there let's see what happens. Cool Hayley. Cell chemistry with college that's trails admit deport and oh yeah. This is called our engineering makers face a cell. They're known for all of their engineering but here kids are learning about physics they're learning about the gears and everything. And then of course we have armed motorist snow let me do this when he's really cool so this is the antley. How sick kids make history they teach kids hate it makes it sweet shy AK chick flick not all. And you add the movement and it's very very close and I think this is something called the sky track that the sky track comes alert to special set. I'm basically what kids do if they have the magnetic tiles underneath that they already have an avid sky track it felt right I'm hot. Now after we built this whole sad we have our space we learned on and look how cool this it's three and a really Piaf. And actually makes fill many cold cents a really some nice early engineering fields for the kids. Take that Elon Musk sphere of our own little Mars rover there. Thank you so much that occurred at a dollar check for more information by the way on these and other stem toys and murder would have some toy is toy insider. Dot com. You're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows the hottest STEM-related toys for children of all ages. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53356389","title":"Must-have STEM toys for every age group","url":"/WNN/video/stem-toys-age-group-53356389"}