Summer Brunch Made Easy

Chef and author Mark Bailey shows how to make easy and tasty summer brunch dishes from the comfort of your home.
4:24 | 08/04/16

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Transcript for Summer Brunch Made Easy
Hard as it made me to believe we are now closing in on the halfway point of summer 2016 that is depressing. But there is still plenty of weekends I had to enjoy the sweetest of summer highlights this summer once. Joining us this morning with some quick easy and tasty menu ideas it's Jeff. Marcum Bailey he's the author of cooking InBoxer. And says I love me subtitled. Fifty ways to keep your made a bet. Ways to keep your main bad now the Cole at my co anchor this week next. Nick why would think you meant friend you have friends that but you but you but you -- your friends but now like to keep. There are a lot of us exactly give me your lover whatever he's going to be and is fifty of my favorite breakfast recipes he knows about it definite. There may have been back. But we don't run so what do we care you know you always like you got something a little some maturing great experts this season so I think here is that they're put repressed it's as. What I got going on here you can leave some in the camp or put them over ice OK but as that of ice I go with frozen berries I think that's as a way to go you always when that person Barry is the act is your eyes gives yes strawberries blueberries what do you like we're very happy to have a you know any good and I spoke colors reflect as well a people's BP doesn't enjoy it now. But carrying on with the berries I see a Berry Chris and it's like a great cast rove is a kind of a great idea that you can do overnight. Basically figure varies toss them in some sugar. Put layer them on the bottom and then I like to use household part of the story have this is honey bunches of both believe it or not what I do with that create Astros a with it. These eggs and flour little butter and then just to basically use that mr. topping. And you can make that the night before and puppet in November day and then when he put the Ukraine north ice Kramer yeah yeah that is sweet you know you disconnect Siegel. Front end or back and as far as like dessert you know all. I don't have exact correct that's in bad and getting at that thinking apparently I have to thank effect and it did you know Andrew Mary Ellen and her. Exactly and then we have beef stuffed a burger going on here you know anything with a man on top I think it's. Papademos breakfast. But in them Berger we have begin as well as she says this stuff starter out of arrogant I got three little gadget if dissipates and easy way to stop your burgers are good stuff where. They got some enemy and that already in many diet and I basically used this to create the intent account of the job for the burger. And the U basically create your pet you've topped Patty Murray he and Katz complex though. And then he closed it like this real quick it's given to squeeze and the look up. Want to murder comes out. Added a monster burger that now is that Dark Knight and other but it's apps we have com bacon and seized and it's really good stuff with a much anything more but Pakistan runs you can't go wrong with an 803 they have very little and that's not exactly an English can't you can't go wrong you know let's laugh at the bottom line. Think let. This is a good reads and sees as well as corn souffle. The as tough house yet all the ingredients that goes in there. Electing the open of amusing that something answering guest on its use electing delegates via live without the left I now grits. Creamed corn as well as expose at a four ingredients that you believe in and I don't relieve pain and I beat ends went to get the engine and you whip the grits putting the oven it'll pop up it really any normally gets higher than this and then things down a little bit but it's really you shouldn't be nervous but I'm home out of Norwalk duo is still where you can comment if I brought. If you get beyond become recipes right on line. And then we have sickened while he can't go wrong with that but his will be more save bear with lemon chicken since its release season when it really chicken right on the. Healthier version of and it's a lot of that we don't deprive him you know and you can do it with or without the sap frank hunting with the without some people that watch what makes their sweet savory exactly and I think because it's women and at the Reagan only goes so well with the that the waffles he can't go wrong. So fifty ways to keep your mate and beds a year basically year year year in its cooking inbox it's the human body expect these sales and your underwear you know what hey I say go for it. That's true but only liability if frying or anything like that but I I'm a romantic so you know I believe in just you know. And that I'm trying to bring the you know that this exodus to birth is a bad back. If it happens all too too rarely grants that the business I'm happy to be a regular yeah okay he's an exact revenge your kid or inspire us. Wink yes runs in breakfast it's my bank yet to death Mark Bailey there. Thank you can see more kids recipes and has book cooking and boxer and I are FaceBook page WN and fans that dot com.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Chef and author Mark Bailey shows how to make easy and tasty summer brunch dishes from the comfort of your home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41112955","title":"Summer Brunch Made Easy","url":"/WNN/video/summer-brunch-made-easy-41112955"}