Summer Toys On Wheels

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht has the summer's hottest new toys for kids on the go!
4:28 | 06/09/15

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Transcript for Summer Toys On Wheels
Summer is Soledad getting outside and yelling played his and we are not just talking about the adults of course the kids are really the ones. We're looking to move so here with some of the vast new toys for a summer on wheels is our toy insider mom Laurie shadowed by looking for this segment ever since I walked into the I don't yeah. You know other ready to hit the pavement and yeah our past set up hot wheels but every member of the family to love it when gonna start a state safety first strike and it's not so please isn't nasty comments they don't always want it yeah but look who we have here. We'd need unions. Sell the mini movies coming at everyone wants to be and hanging out heat can ride along with inning into even have protective gear for their elbows and knees from skyrocket toy. And then and it can also dress. Their helmets this company called pocket so this all themed kits of the big guy just. Our princess CRM princess is anything you want so whether it's your. Your mini helmet or just plain unhealthy address at a deep Kelvin were tagged. The housing nice and easy affordable fifteen dollars up at not bad not yes yes yes OK so let's talk about some great things for our little ones. But those girls who still have frozen and are on let it. And my only questions but we here at the it is our bruising magical coat so what's the ride on toy for the kids but it's too little on which I left. We openness that is a little. Press some here opening that an alien away adding that the girls can pull of course but also with no (%expletive) go. And all up and off we down and all the toys go Wiki but the key is that button because once that song say is they go on forever. I could not really like it later mom and dad you know now you've been warned average how adorable is this this is our John Deere pick and pops humans we have these little off we have art tractor it's like we're going to the farm when this goes over the trapped there it comes right out. Have the back and of course we have a fun music. Academics including hanky back did to get him and calls it exactly right now that it's adorable and how much something like this 59 and splits into batten down. I bet. I think staple at this stage clinical and hats but dark hair care and they gonna go crazy because now kids can she Medicare and they can ride in style and you look at this bank. We have certainly there are not arts and the little bit if it even comes with a backpack doesn't come with the aircrack but I did but the men. But it comes to the backpack it starts with training wheels and obviously is the kids are ready and ultimately take the training wheels up it is the perfect. First to we elect to popular when I was a kid and they are six I don't know dinner ready and retro Branson this is fabulous and I love it very cute now this. It looks super cool Riddick kicking into high speed now so this it's Alan mavericks Superman California board. This is not your typical skateboard it is not it's an elect chick skateboard. And it goes wit to remote control she pushed the button I push a button. There are three different level and I couldn't go very how can this guy in nine months now I'm money easy level and look at the graphics on the sport see here it did and gourds. Now it's just that it's all battery operated I mean you need a lot of there's a median and a much we're difficult update now time I noticed brother kids but also adult I've had my eye on. This is a different type of credit that race isn't come along way since the ones be remembered right. So we're looking at a three will scooter. Know we've seen three builds through this before but look at the front we know this is called the delta wing. And the front wheel makes it not only a more stable ride for the kids and for us but it also makes it easier to do tricks and stunts. And it's often it's all self propelled. Forget not how we we really I mean it's right now getting an up and high heels only goodness an Eddy can you ever rocks think. I can't pull it easier on and there. Well I didn't get apparently got it behind that they do you know. What else eleventh we can make really cool sharp turn turn as yet of goodness Laurie. And more in him that and of course on our website is a cloud that you and it ends. Mom and dad guess you can do it and yells at you. And an. But that big board.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht has the summer's hottest new toys for kids on the go!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31631086","title":"Summer Toys On Wheels","url":"/WNN/video/summer-toys-wheels-31631086"}