Summer Vacations Mean a New Batch of Gadgets

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some of the cool gadgets needed for summer fun and travel.
3:45 | 04/23/14

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Transcript for Summer Vacations Mean a New Batch of Gadgets
Like it's finally here -- day it's time to plan -- summer vacation and there's a new crop of gadgets to make traveling easier. More convenient and maybe even more -- who better -- what they are that our -- -- with Dick DeBartolo from -- dot TV is here good morning -- -- Morning -- and yes well fun stuff your cell phone. Can be used in -- UG PS and get to airline schedules but nowadays a lot of people use it. Two -- there are cameras. So this is the new Samsung galaxy S five. So -- now has a sixteen megapixel camera 1650. -- so they can shoot 1080. For a video what it's for -- four -- -- with four times the resolution now 1080. -- -- defense so this is water resistant. So you not to worry about it if you washing your hands full walking in a shower but if you really want to go not eat. Because you can get the travel long waterproof pouch so -- on line this guy openness not. Then you think your phone and it. Then you roll it down again and sealed it. And will it take pictures that plastic -- will you -- I'm still schooling got underwater on vacation you can down officially only five feet while I don't think blystone at US ground -- -- -- like thirteen dollars. Well John this is really fun -- -- you'll want something to take a long the -- To recharge your gadgets to this guy has a flashlight in it and it also has a flasher and it also has the official SOS signal unit. And this is where you plug in the USP gadgets plot to kill on a lonely road and your battery is dead. Believe it and not tell my your Corvette car -- it's crazy he's this jumper cables on the table charger -- into the side and 7500. Millionth cope -- says. You can jumpstart your car up to three times. And that this will retain its power for up to a year. 130 box under 130 coming in many physical -- your car yes this is me this is charger -- So a lot of people believe there are charging cables -- that attempt to OK so would charge a leash what happens is he got to the hotel you got to leave them. Morning and you unplug your phone but now. You can you hear that along and it. -- Turkey following we'll let you all so not until you unplug the cable from the wall. Will that -- stop there about 23 dollars and up depending on what device you want to -- charge at least this is fun. Also from travel on its -- hackable backpacks. Throw that in -- -- -- when you get your destination you wanna go on a day trip so now you actually pull everything out of the pocket. And now you have to pay -- turns into a big back that -- with three pockets places for -- water bottles. And the thing that it was traveling in Wednesday's connected is connected and have fun and and that's another pocket you always have to. Coolest -- a half black and -- -- up real quick yes this is good okay this is the safety -- -- anti theft since the cable and -- you know we can cut it. There is a compartment in here that when there's a little lock that. They can't -- not cool so anything with a chip and that you put in here molecular that Jim yes I'm your passport has -- -- -- channel -- Bennett RF five people locker. Good to now. Fantastic thank you Dick you'll find more details about these gadgets on its website you've always got big that would get you an enhanced dot com.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some of the cool gadgets needed for summer fun and travel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23435325","title":"Summer Vacations Mean a New Batch of Gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/summer-vacations-new-gadgets-23435325"}