Summertime Gadgets with Dick DeBartolo

Dick DeBartolo from showcases gadgets that will keep you cool and entertained this summer
3:00 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Summertime Gadgets with Dick DeBartolo
Cool and entertained in the summer heat doesn't always have to be a challenge. Hardy is Liz and Twitter dot TV Dick DeBartolo shows just how easy and fun it can be good morning -- always a pleasure to have you here thank you what -- we have to keep the fun stuff knew from -- stream we did this like last year but is that a new model how -- don't screw the bottle -- anymore just push it up to push it back now has -- dean. The show you how much combinations going. How I like factual and -- Ready to airlift out and now that -- hesitant and then we just release the bottle just like this we had. He didn't I have Celso for about forty cents a bottle. And you don't know all bottles filled in the landfill use keep reasons I gotta tell you since it came out on the market I've been dying to try to -- -- there you go well. It -- like water Dade County. Of course you know with the can't you get flavorings samples. And maybe they thought about eighty dollars and that's when it's a hundred -- -- it is easy to use this -- it from both just -- until this month. The sound -- mini. This is one of those -- -- because you charge it up take it to the beach any place for up to eight hours on one charge but the thing is the sound quality is -- the good and let's play Sunday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I really don't hey hey hey come on we -- so that is the knowledge has not done. One at 199 from both close. -- committee hopes this is -- from and it's John and I'm. These are cold light fusion and so it's a regular flash or Africa but then it has a light fusion panel so you go campaign you want this in the ten. And won a different you hold the the on off switch and -- do you can brighten it. Announced headed off -- also a tripod. So if you have a little some choice to do put on the tripod then genius. You want. I gotta tell you never know when you need a flashlight that can become a bigger flashlight into you need a flashlight -- need to become exactly exactly little different technical tips. We have this little guy which used the camp -- version nicely thank you carry that little ironic yeah I'm definitely not like fusion. Let's not forget the kids they got a cold -- facilities are sold -- so this is the new Arctic shock. So the cubs thought here is big enough that if you want to be on the mean side you can fill it with water and ice removed already sounds -- But the weather around here now I wouldn't welcome someone else you mean you -- some cold -- so if that. Risen more isn't big enough -- you can and your own. Look this so the super Soka tightrope act you can carry like -- -- -- me yeah. -- -- -- -- -- How does this culture to the buying and yet and near an -- got the go back to play. Whoever doesn't have that is moving this battle with an accurate pricing the company -- now back. This is so -- right I booked a -- on Amazon forest for twenty bucks okay. Seven list so you pull that up and it's a lot of channel but it's very very -- So they all think it was built a -- into -- I didn't have all the -- upon -- be trying that out. Well I'll try for it didn't really night. Let's sit on. Fifteen -- -- Atlanta on Amazon pay ten and the final guy is citrix. Zinger you. You know what you do it's it's a water bottle but before you -- -- cuts -- -- the bottom. And -- -- this -- little place there we could stick a limited oral -- or piece of grapefruit squeeze it. The jays will come out school into the bottom review bottle filled with water and you can walk around with slavery -- that I was. About these two things if you can take him anywhere -- action right even refilled ends this especially you can -- -- with your library and lemon at the bottom -- have handled them. Excellent all right Dick thank you again as usual -- TV -- Marcello. You can find out details about all these products -- have to do is visit his wins dot biz or our FaceBook fan page WN and fans -- dot com. You're watching world news now -- -- her. A -- keeping cool hero world news now.

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{"id":19731360,"title":"Summertime Gadgets with Dick DeBartolo","duration":"3:00","description":"Dick DeBartolo from showcases gadgets that will keep you cool and entertained this summer","url":"/WNN/video/summertime-gadgets-dick-debartolo-19731360","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}