The Super Bowl Commercial You Didn't See

SodaStream commercial poking fun at Coca-Cola and Pepsi was rejected by CBS.
2:55 | 02/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Super Bowl Commercial You Didn't See
RS continued chatting about the Super Bowl shall we this is why did you guys you know what's so extreme is -- -- -- everyone loves you make your own soda at home -- -- water okay. And apparently they had bought an ad for the Super Bowl but it's what kind of a shot at Coke and Pepsi which of course are big appetite. CBS was like we -- -- put up a run as we're not gonna offend people were spending that much money. On our network this year it would have the report came out on Friday that his new -- had been banned. -- -- of sort of strange saying look we didn't intend to have our advantage to drum up some cheap publicity which has happened before they're saying no this kind of thing happens but. Video that was banned -- wasn't seamless -- has now gone viral on the Internet people can check it out there -- getting a lot of hits now because what's on the and everybody wants to see it -- -- It is starting to feel like they've done this far and maybe it isn't like bear and knowledge this is how they get the job some attention by doing it can't think dozen matters still very clock. Exactly exactly what they've -- -- Yeah comedies are now back to -- -- -- -- bad so I think it's interesting but the behind the scenes of you know the money the world lives. Okay so you know how -- very little to -- his grammar errors right well there was an elementary did -- I noticed the do you do you guys have been an elementary schoolteacher -- decided to make this the last thing is so she blow up a bunch of tweet this when his band Chris Culver. And she gave it to our children and she said current -- now some of them weren't able to figure out what the player sank so -- they -- to -- The words but isn't that I've -- that I've never dying broke. So they fix it I didn't dozens -- Merry Christmas everyone my. God bless you -- of course that was supposed to me may god bless you also anyway I'll end here as one more -- true. I could be a lot better but wait. The football field and they had no idea what you are saying so they tried to figured out and -- -- they didn't translate to say it's true what could be a lot better but wait for the football who knows what that means. -- the same time hope and depression over our nation's education. Ever wonder how astronauts watched their -- I happen but here we -- Earlier video release of Google Video released by the Canadian space agency you're. -- there is no reason this is so it's a mix of hot or cold water and -- into a thin and from a strong attached to a -- gathers into a ball and floats upwards. He grabs it and that is how they wash their hands in space just a little bit of a. Why -- ever wondered. It's interesting I thought it would be -- peer out about the addictive component that. -- you okay that's the restaurants bingaman speaking of hands okay. -- Are -- lacking energy and flagging Textron. The answer is yes of course -- has dropped so anyway here's what you do this coming over to the man -- it's -- creamy butter on your shoulders and it somehow seeped into the rest of your body because it's faster and and it helps to -- his sex life is not go to -- always time for a.

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{"id":18398966,"title":"The Super Bowl Commercial You Didn't See","duration":"2:55","description":"SodaStream commercial poking fun at Coca-Cola and Pepsi was rejected by CBS.","url":"/WNN/video/super-bowl-2013-sodastream-commercial-rejected-cbs-18398966","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}