Everything you need to know about Super Bowl LIII

ABC News' Will Ganss teaches you everything you need to know before gameday for the less-than-avid football fan.
3:30 | 02/01/19

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Transcript for Everything you need to know about Super Bowl LIII
I took off the Jack giving got her dad who wears a jacket and a Super Bowl party right nobody forgot there's obviously Super Bowl weekend pitcher patriots. The rams. They're ready. Are you think you're not a huge football fan but still lot of press. I just a little party you're going to this weekend while Kansas covering your blight that. Covering your blind side and got two guys they got you've got to expect luck I get it you haven't paid attention to the NFL all season and now you're invited to the Super Bowl party. But you don't to be the one that shows up needs forty chicken wings and contributes nothing to the conversation right I've been there I've done that. Don't worry I've got you here is my survival guide for Super Bowl LI II. Which by the way means 53. First up the basics. This Sunday's game in Atlanta is a match up against a Los Angeles rams and the New England Patriots which people sometimes call the pacts. The rams will be the blue and yellow team patriots will be in white. In the past seventeen years the pats have been to the Super Bowl eight times and have won five of those times. The rams only moved back to LA two years ago the decade leading up to that they were the St. Louis Rams which kind of translates to a lukewarm fan base. Both cities want want. If you're going to a party of pats fans you love Tom Brady. He's the quarterback for the patriots and if he wins on Sunday we'll have more Super Bowl rings than any player in NFL history. He's married to Gisele Bundchen a supermodel and the villain from the 2004 movie taxi starring Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah both sides back to sports. I don't yeah. The rams QB is Jared got through at age 24 is seventeen years younger than Tom Brady speaking of age difference is you should know that the pats head coaches bill zeliff checked who is 66. And is the oldest head coach to appear at the Super Bowl. And he's been here nine times the rams head coach Sean McVeigh is only 33 and it's the youngest head coach in the NFL. If you don't know what to say during the game point out that McVeigh need to guide to stay with him at all times to keep them from walking onto the field and out of the referee's way. You should also probably know who Rob Gronkowski is he's number 87 on the pats and placed tight end. These apps look like this and this is how he dances and public. People call and rock someone else to keep a lookout for the first ever male cheerleaders at the Super Bowl. Quickly apparent Napoleon ginnies cheering on the rams which means you can totally cheer for them take your party if at any point during the game here totally at a loss to say. Then can you believe these referees. With a blown call it the NFC championships fresh on everyone's mind people are surged to agree with you. Including the entire city of New Orleans. Six. Listen you only have to fake it till halftime then you can talk about Adam Levine big boy and Travis got so the party is over. Touchdowns. Though that's a goal in football which is worth six points for somebody's. For some reason there. Those aren't enough back story or just remember no one ever gets mad at the party gets his shows up with the PT shirt right we are ready for the commercials that. Oh man I can't forget the commercial and I couldn't a better person get ready for the Super Bowl so good hands. They don't become the first male cheerleaders right here. Zero of the they have been. I don't know about and so I'm.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss teaches you everything you need to know before gameday for the less-than-avid football fan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60778577","title":"Everything you need to know about Super Bowl LIII","url":"/WNN/video/super-bowl-liii-60778577"}