Taking New York fashion by storm

Meet LaQuan Smith, the fashion designer behind this year's most-anticipated collection. ABC News' Lataya Rothmiller has the story.
4:41 | 09/23/19

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Transcript for Taking New York fashion by storm
Miert Fashion Week the most stylus seven days in the Big Apple. It's an event where people address us and staff out to get a sneak peek at next season's diet. One of the most anticipated collections this season in New York native and designer look Ron Smith. Yes designed clothes for Lady Gaga Rihanna occurred dashing in and queen B herself. I thought of my brand that's 41 years old I guess specifically because I was rejected from you know top fashion schools. And I really didn't know how to get into the industry he Curtis is grandmother for teaching him how to sell at the age of twelve. He took art classes attended an art design tasteful and eventually formed his brand based in Long Island City overlooking Manhattan now have a really big loving supportive and we in my family has been supportive from day one if anything they embraced me as a divine as. I formed an LLC at the age of when he won. Not really knowing what I was doing but I just I don't know I just who ruled Heidi you know how you start a business. From there at the consummate grand circle Hoover visiting his collection of around the world and cry pairs in Nigeria. Existing agents when he six he was named to the Ford's thirty under thirty minutes. This year at east 31 he's had some experience in the year fashion eighteen casinos with quantity on the western who them and for him it's business as use. I'm does any good thing over weapons. But once the brand really represents sexuality femininity of female empowerment mom and just on apologetic wheat fats and that's what it is. And everyone seems to be on the scene peach sexy carefree. In a row. Neutered in my head that they are effective. You know pick up we're going and he. By I picked up on brings a certain energy to fashion week with excitement we haven't had his excitement to be back. It's almost like I think a debuting album what I've been specializing in. Sort of being inspired by over the plus six you know the last six months this is my opportunity to showcase. All modeled by and are not going. Take my entire life. And then it's your time. I just one of the models to feel empowered wanted to have fun while they were walking down runway. At the end of the day they have to thousand flow so I need to say with any verb is to get them. Seat you know sort of create this fantasy. We were all crying when he seven because we would have felt cold really like emotional because there live. Now we can still much work. And then it since this is over like that as part of my teen and part of what we accomplished in. Crap when he pulled it off. In his biggest inspirations his mother and grandmother waiting for him after the show. He AM. It happened. And later I don't. I think a lot of doors have been slammed on my face. The first person Michael is my mom my grandma my mother never misses the show and I don't think she plans on doing in active issue close to slowly reduced payment. But one. Look into the future. I want to look wants needs to be something that's life. Iconic but like novelty. Something that is not a trend. No one's ever throws away or gives away like they're Chanel purse under. You are seen as something they always gonna hold onto and you probably gonna pass it down to your daughter. I'm 31 honey I have a lot more to do very excited for the future. There's certainly more to look forward to from the Quan Smith and has brand. He tells us he's preparing the show's collection for buyers and sellers in Paris and his next New York Fashion Week we'll be. In February where he will be presenting his fall when her twenties when he collections so he will be prince he busy he'll attend this is such a fun story empathy. And obviously you see her fashion she brought it yeah I think she is right. You don't Fieger I think to be so young I'm a person of color in this fashion industry. I mean. We're gonna hear a lot from it started as brand at funny ones and at 31 now we certainly will be seeing so much working with how the celebrities here yeah I'll read it yet yes analyze it reeked with beyonce and that would is that really kick that's a community that thought yeah. I keep saying we forgot what we back.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Meet LaQuan Smith, the fashion designer behind this year's most-anticipated collection. ABC News' Lataya Rothmiller has the story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65795429","title":"Taking New York fashion by storm","url":"/WNN/video/taking-york-fashion-storm-65795429"}