Talkin' Turkey

All you need to know from the folks at Butterball to get the best from your bird.
3:15 | 11/27/14

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Transcript for Talkin' Turkey
Oh. Well happy Thanksgiving everyone at your output that's at this hour there isn't decent chance here aren't yet. Artwork at today's big B oh yeah preparing that Turkey is hard work the luckily. Help is just one phone call away joining us now by phone is martz Clinton Era of the butterball Turkey talk line. Morning large. Good morning mark I've got a huge situation I hate to waste this moment for personal gain here but I lacked. My home a couple hours ago and I went to Bryant that Turkey. And I've got to show you that shot. Only two thirds of the Turkey actually made it in the brine from the battle majority of the Turkey is sticking out. A bill yeah. A little didn't. It scared while some control it helps if you put it a lot. Over the Turkey who make sure it is getting into the Brian and that kind of leaches the Brian helpful that the top. And that seems to help somewhat. Hollow so I'm not the only one who's been situation it was too late snowstorm I couldn't go out to get another big. Caldwell anger that arch. She you know you should really been Hannity he can't thank you yes absolutely mart Kmart the question for you. My entire life with Turkey has been nothing but dry Turkey after drive talker who got. I don't think I know what did you see Turkey is what little biggest problem. That people have in getting that Turkey to dry. Well they've altered crop that's what they sit dry. And if you using meat thermometer. Daniel. Know exactly where the Turkey then you won't pull for cook hit but it's basically adjustable for cooking joining the panel. What that temperature I need on that meat thermometer. UN oil and heat. March and breaking what is the biggest. Disaster if someone has actually called it. Well you know most quote served more heartwarming that new bride whose. Concerned because her mother. And so she called they do I'm we might say. Always she relieved to finally told her it was term update that was right. She feels so much better continue to. Father so cute. Mark by the way what what is the the butterball hotline number. Of people where anyone. We're at 1800. Butterball. Or you can reach some kind at butterball dot com. You can go to FaceBook or Twitter. Institute him contrasts. All of those who have voted for information. For you help you get that beautiful Turkey on your cable on things gave him. You sound like you know what you're talking about Marco and their open butterball Turkey thank you so much for the tips and for joining us thank you mark next year we're building your house it's. It would have a good Thanksgiving and don't forget to butter bullet. Yeah. Like that mark thank you so much appreciated.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"All you need to know from the folks at Butterball to get the best from your bird.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27215161","title":"Talkin' Turkey","url":"/WNN/video/talkin-turkey-27215161"}