Tandem Bungee Jump With a Twist

Two Russian teenagers bungee jump together, but only one of them was attached to a harness.
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for Tandem Bungee Jump With a Twist
Welcome to the next everyone and -- I and we are taking you straight to Russia where these two teenagers -- madly in love decided that they wanted to do. Tend to bungee jump right did you -- -- little swollen. -- but one of them didn't have a harness sounds wrong. The girl decided that she all she needed on this job which turned into a trust -- can't carry -- along as terrible fastball. -- hang on to have a different there she is hang it on for dear life literally and he is -- to -- in the he jumps he had done to hurt thankfully. She's banging on hand and then it goes in the back and forth. And the last thing that they hurt someone off the screen say hold on tiny. And as far as -- -- everybody's okay. Crazy. To wage increase -- great. Even when you don't my -- is a harness race is crazy yeah I mean that's crazy enough I -- -- between Baltimore. And he jerked back you kind of lose control in my I think that's the moment you're dead right yet and that's when bad things can happen but luckily -- teenagers didn't. In my -- not very very. The got a big lecture from their mom and out of that's gone viral I speaking to go viral there is a massive massive search worldwide search for. We'll stuffed animals three overall lost her best friend and -- -- to -- has gone viral. We're looking for mr. -- everybody hopes that too cute take a look at mr. rabbit there in -- in that three year olds hand little movie Stewart lost. Mr. -- soft toy they're. London family trip and she's cried herself to sleep every night others we 29 lives in Edinburgh. Launched an online appeal for her daughter's very Brandon everybody's monument to -- mr. Graham based. The whole world looking for mr. -- three days in several false alarms but still -- mr. Ravitz. You never -- I think I -- -- funny feeling she's going to be flooded with mr. -- -- in -- -- my daughter has claiming to be little daughter has little dog called -- she still has on her bed we had a similar incidents and we Marshal the resources and I'm not gonna give all the way because we haven't told the truth yet but. I can relate to this mom's probably need -- -- -- -- little animal you need a little hotel erratic is bound. Crying herself to sleep Netanyahu is that okay so there isn't it this you to register -- his name is running out -- and would. -- before his argument that maybe -- -- here is what time he decided to go even crazier on the fifth anniversary trip to a robot with his girlfriend Britney. She decided to break the news that he had been failed to unfaithful and cheated on her all of this was a -- not true at all. Well that would spell a great until she turns the tables on them and -- -- -- I didn't do I did it to heat why they shout. Not knowing that it's her way of getting back at him -- -- she had not cheated in -- that I thought you set up your camera you idiot. Well that and --

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{"id":20961062,"title":"Tandem Bungee Jump With a Twist","duration":"3:00","description":"Two Russian teenagers bungee jump together, but only one of them was attached to a harness.","url":"/WNN/video/tandem-bungee-jump-twist-20961062","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}