Teacher Honored For Teaching Both Students And Teachers

A schoolteacher in Maine was selected out of five thousand teachers for The Global Teacher Prize.
3:18 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for Teacher Honored For Teaching Both Students And Teachers
Tell schoolteacher in Maine has been out some but doesn't the pattern as a globally for a pristine just armor and a huge fan speed it. But is how she's changing the way students learn and how teachers teach that's giving her the most recognition here now is ABC's Josh Haskell. I had when. I like hookah. Nancy yeah well judge co main lobes being a teacher. But this school she founded 25 years ago caters to more than children it teaches teachers to. What we're doing as. Setting up but a set of conditions that that we think invite innovation and the mission of the faculty at the school is to experiment for the good of children. And then to disseminate those methods. Out while school houses a diverse group of eighty students kindergarten through eighth grade. Teachers come from around the world to spend a week to school and war and now out wells' hard work is being rewarded. With one million dollars the gruden do you tip prize goes to. Now I've got trip. Pat well described that moment as an aural hallucinations. Winner of the global teacher prize that well was selected out of 5000. Teachers. I feel like I'm accepted on behalf accepting it on behalf. Really hundreds of thousands of teachers who work with children every day I'm so proud that well was one of ten finalists who traveled to Dubai for the ceremony. Flanked by former President Bill Clinton and Sheikh Mohammed of the united air emirates out well plans to donate the money to her school. This center for teaching and learning this will allow us to by the kinds of books and resources that we need for kids to kick the tuition low and provide. Lots and lots of tuition assistance. And and to maintain the building and author of nine books out wells says school systems to leave the most in forty years are high school. She thinks it's the opposite. I think Qaeda eight is the place where fires get started. That they think it kindled and nurtured. And the children who leave our schools are so strong across the disciplines so I think that most of. Orton thing that's prods his gun is to reawakened. The world's appreciation. The importance. Recruiters. Here. After all returned home last week for students. A celebration. Knowing they won this award to you I love it thank you. Even after 25 years running her own school. Nancy out well still teaches English every day her students read an average of forty books a year Bosnian TJ. She is so deserving of that award what can you tell us about this award or other teachers going to have the chance to. Win this kind of money yes rule the award which is funded by the porky foundation. They've made a ten year commitment to handing out this award. And also something that's kind of fallen. The other nine finalists who went to Dubai with Nancy well they each received 25000. Dollars and then a bad yeah it's not that they they go head to lose and I. We're pretty good you've been following up on the story for us. We do precision sort of sort of thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"A schoolteacher in Maine was selected out of five thousand teachers for The Global Teacher Prize.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30064482","title":"Teacher Honored For Teaching Both Students And Teachers","url":"/WNN/video/teacher-honored-teaching-students-teachers-30064482"}