Team Red, White and Blue

An amazing organization is giving service members and veterans an invaluable network of support. ABC’s Janine Elliot reports.
3:17 | 11/11/20

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Transcript for Team Red, White and Blue
Every year an estimated 200000 service members to leave the US military and returned to civilian life. The for some that transition is not an easy one to make. A lot about caring. Priest. Yeah yeah I'm. There were. And you're. Ottawa. US air force veteran and she Athens would eventually find support. There are veterans organization with a simple goal. Our mission is to enrich lives America's matters. The way we want to do that is primarily through physical and social engagement. Brett stampede Cho is a US army veteran and current navy reservist and the director of operations for team red light blue. He understands the importance of helping he'll be invisible wounds of war that plague many of our country's bravest men and women. We know that one the biggest ways that we can. He preventative. To a lot of things we see is date problems in America today right substance abuse. Suppression. Of possible suicide corner of the big preventative measures. His engagement. Why aren't hanging in what he won't foreign. But it is working or are good work along with. Nearly 200 chapters across the country team red white and blue helps connect veterans to their community their social gatherings volunteer work and fitness activities. Ranging from running to cycling T Oca. But all that came to a screeching halt in March. Don't. It's harder news are weighing in remember. Me. So while we're all being asked to stay apart team red white and blue has had to get creative. In order to continue their mission of bringing veterans together. We can't cure it means to you tell us. Between yards. The organization adapting to cope in nineteen restrictions by taking their events online. Now posting everything from workouts to meditation exercises to happy hours. We recently launched an and a and through that we have virtually engagements you can participate in these engagements these challenges and see any other members all across country you're doing it. Brett says the virtual events are proving to be beneficial. For many members who otherwise wouldn't be able to connect. We actually had more engagements in 20/20. Then we did in putting ninety. His testimony on teen met when there's less safe from one of your members she Centene red white and blue literally saved her life. Why do you think it's so important organizations like this it's it's our nation's veterans. Test Julio talking about late Sunday night here probably on average at least once a month. Far too often we don't know someone needs something like this until it's. Part Twomey. And a group that option of regret something for someone and it gets them through a rough patch that's like mission accomplished right there right that's one less person who's a statistic. Mean Elliott ABC news New York. A big thanks to Geneen there again red white and believe they got to act they got virtual events there helping veterans. For more information visit team RWE. Dot who were doing an 181000 members and what a beautiful community they've created so incredible I thought for a better definitely.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"An amazing organization is giving service members and veterans an invaluable network of support. ABC’s Janine Elliot reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74143942","title":"Team Red, White and Blue","url":"/WNN/video/team-red-white-blue-74143942"}