Terror Suspect Shot and Killed

A terror suspect was shot and killed by a Boston cop, while a man was detained in a related arrest.
1:53 | 06/03/15

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Transcript for Terror Suspect Shot and Killed
Good morning everybody and featured. And antenna Wentworth at the top stories on this Wednesday June 3 respond Boston and you arrest after a deadly encounter with the FBI and police just hours after police took down below what allegedly inspired by exit. A new suspect is in custody. Police moving and after suspicions that he had. Similar contentions that dramatic early morning terra take down a man who authorities say had been under 24 hour surveillance by the FBI believed to have been inspired. I crisis. Terrifying moments on the downtown Chicago's streets this in the height of the evening rush a city bus collided with three car that several people pitting one woman underneath. We've say the bus was tried to avoid another car when it careened into a pedestrian plaza the woman's. Who was trapped later died the fuss with empty at the time driver was among seven people lived. An honor long overdue for two World War II heroes. Overlooked because of prejudice President Obama posthumously awarded the medal of freedom to private Henry Johnson he was part of the Carlos help buyers who pushed back the German. And hand to hand combat and saved a wounded comrade Johnston was appointed himself to 21 times but aren't. Also a Wharton. Army sergeant William Shannon it was eight Jewish Americans who ran across a battlefield three times to save wounded soldiers shot in the head. Finally a few victory made possible because both are drones these images involved hosts Southern California. All right drone camera launched by a whale watchers the gray whale mother and two babies. It's unusual because mama whales ordinarily don't give birth to a single path they're on their way you found they were born to the warm waters of Baja California with Bridget. Waters near Alaska. Well you get more news and video anytime ABC news that some of the details had to hacking however credit thanks for watching and if.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"A terror suspect was shot and killed by a Boston cop, while a man was detained in a related arrest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31489913","title":"Terror Suspect Shot and Killed","url":"/WNN/video/terror-suspect-shot-killed-31489913"}