Thanksgiving leftovers tips

Butterball’s Carol Miller stops by the World News Now kitchen with some clever tricks for storing and enjoying your turkey day leftovers.
3:53 | 11/29/19

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Transcript for Thanksgiving leftovers tips
Welcome back to the day after Thanksgiving and if you haven't been completely Turkey doubt we're checking out some creative Turkey breakfast dishes. To get you fueled up before hitting those Black Friday sales butterball Turkey talk point expert Carol Miller is back here are world news now kitchen to help us out. It is the day after him if he didn't give all of you leftovers. To your guess is England sent out the door. You need to deal with that and there's so many great ways and but if you've got a lot left over. More than you can need him like three days he needs to go up into the freezer and might he need to do is. Planned recipes so if you need two cups of Q Turkey. And the little bank enough in their freezer and then when you're meaning it happened up until wasted you know don't letting. You don't go over the edge. Aided in three days or freeze. It in three days or freeze it. Right that's what people need to remember and what we have here and dinners table for us this isn't your right this is a breakfast for tat you can't have for lunch and dinner. It's the course it's a exude hits Ekene tomato. And what do you think the protein in their mind and mouth in a hail of Turkey is a lot of tanking at thirty yeah its greats easy did do. So many ways to GP news that Cherokee but about that come has a wealth on recipes from sandwiches soups and things. My favorite way and it's. It's easy easy when you clean it the bones in the U kicking the little bits that I beautiful they're not slices. With him in a pan. Take your favorite environments he is us I have to do it heated up union barbecue Cherokee. That sounds that don't listen quietly you eat pretty easy you're right very easy view also got to have some other recipes you guys have for a leftovers run it right. My favorite suit his assaults us sitting in this kind of he just dump the things is being himself it's a thing. CNN. It's tricky Jesus says dripping this and then it also is that Cherokee. And it's so easy he just. This sounds the less says. Earlier it does not emit ten about Tom three days or parties right when it comes to you have a safety act. Here I mean when it comes the Turkey you gotta be safe what they just to make sure you know getting even ordeal. If we go back ten yesterday. When you're done eating all that Cherokee and all the other goodies as stuffing. Needless to go back into their refrigerator can't two hours. In his it's really easy when you're and a good time you maybe don't want our deal is that in the dishes. But you really need for good quality and safety to get that. At Denton creature rain your temperatures. And really it's okay for the Turkey be sitting out for five hours after dinner that you know. No matter and every Procter and have a good. No. Then needs to be forty degrees or hunt apparently you know lining in the danger zone because she won it for tat admire how he went that Turkey's concerns. We certainly in front interrogate. So even if your stuff some mighty beast he doesn't need to make sure to us pack all this stuff up right right to either take it home. I can you do it. I'm going to be did I am IAE UNC you know this year I will on gonna help out besides as you all right thank you Carol Adrienne it. But it -- her well thanks again thinking am I how from the heart with all that shopping and the day after Thanksgiving. We right back door to him is that.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Butterball’s Carol Miller stops by the World News Now kitchen with some clever tricks for storing and enjoying your turkey day leftovers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67381585","title":"Thanksgiving leftovers tips","url":"/WNN/video/thanksgiving-leftovers-tips-67381585"}