Throwback Thursday: Celebrity Weddings

A look back at Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and other celebrity weddings.
3:40 | 06/05/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Celebrity Weddings
-- -- -- -- we celebrate love and always. Wonderful and wacky way. And what -- been living under a rock for the past six months you know the wedding of the year took place just a few weekends ago. -- Kim and -- may finally have been in -- Here's some pictures from instead Graham of south I think -- a lot of flak we have to say it looked like it was pretty gorgeous day event the writing group. We're dying as -- -- their ballots -- keep sending in Florida. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That often make us forget about things American except for a few years ago and -- -- -- it was a ten million dollar mistake remember this Chris Humphries NBA player. Thank Kardashian married in 2011 after dating for less than a year. If -- was a lavish affair 101000 dollars on invitations six grand on the cake two million of flowers and 2.5 million. The Kim's diamonds -- had direct. Marriage ended after 72. All right of course the all time celebrity we have marriage was Elizabeth Taylor she married eight times to seven positive. How's that possible she married one of them twice. Definitely a love story and better than the movie being made Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton. Met on the set of Cleopatra in 1963 they're both married at the time and started a race -- affair even the Vatican weighing in on it. Saying the affair with a lot of the -- say the two married in 1964 -- broke -- ten years later when Burton what I'm -- But the story -- another chapter and rekindle that relationship the following year and married once again this time it lasted less than. -- -- Great love story next to a fairy tales of girls from Philadelphia and became -- princess. Just -- Kelly met Pennsylvania. Monaco -- -- content Cannes Film Festival in nineteen. 55. Following year they married and what was at the time called the wedding of the century. Civil ceremony was broadcast throughout Europe at the following David. Church service to fight that was one of the biggest collections of Hollywood stars ever seen the 600 yes. A list celebrities not Frank Sinatra he turned down the invitation because he's afraid of upstaging him. Arrived. Of course everyone Camby Kenyon -- -- their wedding day take Pamela Anderson and -- -- ongoing haven't gotten his friend wife but after the ceremony. That allowed elf action -- -- married on jobs and paying 2001. They were divorced in 2003. Another unusual choice for a wedding dress Sarah Jessica Parker we don't know she takes fashion risk that this was a very nontraditional choice. That was -- married -- Matthew Broderick in 1997 she wore black dress was the matter itself. It was something that. And you will fashion -- one thing that one wedding and you've gotten into what the fight to speak remember the marriage of. Liza Minnelli David guests who could forget this one -- -- often do you think were the shots. Like this there's -- -- and the best man and maid of honor Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. Live and David were caught on camera doing a lots of kissing for a couple that separated the following year but didn't officially divorced until 2007 and just in case you're wondering -- -- -- -- Today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By the way into what we go we NSC notions of coming up sooner or later in the idea of the third floor -- -- leaving and his black dress and loving wearing a black dress -- white -- -- that -- white -- We'll get back everybody.

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{"id":24004341,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Celebrity Weddings","duration":"3:40","description":"A look back at Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and other celebrity weddings.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-celebrity-weddings-24004341","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}