Throwback Thursday: Staying Cool on Hot Summer Days

Take a look at the history of the bathing suit and how it's been used in pop culture.
3:05 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Staying Cool on Hot Summer Days
It is now fan does throwback Thursdays the swimsuit edition this morning -- sell every summer and -- -- -- what we Wear it could be and these days it's take tops -- -- and nylon trunks for guys and these fancy cup wraps up those bikinis for the way to becoming a bikini -- But a trip to the -- -- always involves a much skin just dive back 200 years. -- -- seaside summer day first became a popular pastime and take a look this is what passed for women's swimwear back -- a so called BB drafts. But -- those leggings and long skirts sometimes -- get this with led. Keep them from floating not that men not very much better they're -- -- -- flannel like long underwear they thought it would help them keep warm in the water. But -- weigh as much as nine pounds when wet fortunately fashion loosened up after the turn of the century with the social changes. -- all the first world war specials for women who could now -- By the first time the first Miss America was crowned in 1921 you can -- that swimsuits a lot of little more freedom in movement. The leggings became shorts and a drastic to -- once it's got a little more body hugging to -- that fabrics that included. -- like yards but still with one body covering peace. That's -- to the 1950s. And a beach obsession with sweeping the nation beach themed movies flooding theaters and vacationers. Flocking to California and America's new state who I love Hawaii swimsuits that involved in -- shapes we noted that like the ones Burt Lancaster -- Deborah Kerr warned that. -- -- -- Maternity but swimsuits got -- -- -- -- bikini appeared who can forget -- just Ursula Andrus was one of its poster girls here she is the first bond James Bond movie. Doctor no emerging from the blotter wearing a bikini at night. The two piece suit was the brainchild of French fashion designers who -- -- after the bikini at school site of the nuclear bomb test. They knew their new swimsuits would be explosive. But in 1964. A bikini worried model grace the cover of Sports Illustrated for swimsuit issue. Back cover is credited with taking the bikini mainstream. But this time there were so many beach movies -- in the -- John -- movies like beach blanket bingo from 1965. That's where and that the cello Frankie Avalon and their friends engaged in Bailey's -- need to go dramas -- -- -- -- who -- -- -- -- fascination eventually made -- -- TV -- Pam -- -- -- every week. That's incredibly fit and good looking lifeguards brace and across this and it's slow Mo sawed off their right red -- -- all of that skid. But in some ways -- they've come full circle -- those victorians had it right after all suits like. These -- new fashion trend because they protect leaders from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. Or you could just do like me and sit under an umbrella and put on a lot of science community yeah yeah I pictured you -- ego and -- be right back with the remaining doubters out but you.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Take a look at the history of the bathing suit and how it's been used in pop culture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24785223","title":"Throwback Thursday: Staying Cool on Hot Summer Days","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-staying-cool-hot-summer-days-24785223"}