Throwing a summer pre-party

America's C.E.O. (Chief Entertaining Officer), Tim Laird, joins us virtually with some delicious food and drink ideas to help spice up your quarantine kitchen.
4:05 | 05/20/20

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Transcript for Throwing a summer pre-party
Welcome back so much of the world remains on lockdown but. Summer is still on the way and there's no reason why you can't welcome in the season with a virtual summer pre party but. First guys commit could easily Reppas. Get them in Puerto Rico. Lad there we go. Now let's look at in the best prison cell let's how America's CEO she's entertaining not deserts him Laird Tim welcome. Amid cheers you would this non alcoholic drink but I see brought our old friend Jose. Yes we didn't want to tell you what you know or what or what we're all excited for summer to come but I tell you what we don't have a way to June 20 we can have a little preview party and I got the cocktails and food to make that happen. When I think of summer I think of margaritas. And I've got a great recipe it's and you'll always remember this 211. Basically the start of the Marguerite Rios is of course and be tequila and here I found this square bowl especially Al. Blew a guy based silver tequila and what I love about this is it's nice crisp clean so nicely god they notes to its. And it's actually been around since 1795. So very authentic. So that's the two with a two ounces of Villa where prospects she Al. And then the one and one is one ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice don't use anything else but that freshly squeezed. And then one ounce of a guy they nectar of mixed with. Half a part of water so apt parts I got an actor and a half part water that's our sweetener. Forget that a little stir. Tim Tuttle any minor and garnish. That is so this is the root the full blown Margarita delicious and you've got beyond mock Marguerite I call it basically use the pose a quarter of oh. To keep Margarita mix. It doesn't have to feel let it slowly floated a little cranberry juice on top and it should be light refreshing and delicious. So cheers this summer yeah I was impressed taxed the cranberry. That is perfect. Anyway our public includes a go with us I was gonna add I got a lot of Molly. Are you did and this is grilled guacamole. And I love about this is I grill. The avocados has it at a time. And use that in my guacamole mix which is just traditional. And it's just wonderful and by the way if you don't wanna get a 211 and dance they have them already made the authentic margaritas. And a lot of flavors like watermelon. And they actually had the realty Keeley and there's so if you don't want to make it they have a made warrior so anyway and that all these go great with his side grille guacamole. Then. I got a worried is kind of a summer teaser here this is my mango and shrimp with salsa. Traditional salsa recipe and then I summarized. It. Little diced mango and little die shrink that's been caught. Put that together you can serve it on below cops use it on chips may be put it on sliders or whatever you want it's absolutely delicious light refreshing. Everything you want an outsider artist and I see some slider is over there on your last yes. Yes you do these are my career Caribbean pork tenderloin sliders that I love beans because they're just easy easy to grab. And it also you can actually serve them on and on their own without the bun. And you all have all the recipes for that it's actually going to be fun because what would like to do is maybe video conference with all your friends everybody can have a summer party like. Get out your summer gear flip flops play a little bit of us summer music in the background. And just welcome midsummer. Very valuable whole party summer its place money is not canceled straight from ten. Britney is another sub festive Summers ideas check out tens and welcome back entertaining cocktails and appetizers with him Laird. As well as our own website W and and fans dot com America's CEO I realize Tim Laird think you so much for joining us we'll be right back cheers.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"America's C.E.O. (Chief Entertaining Officer), Tim Laird, joins us virtually with some delicious food and drink ideas to help spice up your quarantine kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"70783565","title":"Throwing a summer pre-party","url":"/WNN/video/throwing-summer-pre-party-70783565"}