Tips for the Perfect Weight-Loss Vacation

Where is the best place to go to jump start that New Year weight loss resolution?
3:27 | 01/09/13

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Transcript for Tips for the Perfect Weight-Loss Vacation
This is the time of year people of course -- weight loss on the brain and what could be better than kick starting your diet with a weight loss vacation sounds pretty good. So ABC news travel editor Genevieve -- brown is here with a few places to consider plus some tips for finding some deals legendary for -- here we appreciate -- yeah this is a very -- -- -- of this of the you know it's it's -- right now folks -- cold legions of -- -- to go to to help. Jumpstart that often. Broken resolution about losing some weight so -- is a great website that you wanna tell us about. Definitely so I really like spa finder dot com and it lets you organize. The weight loss places all around the country by distance from your hometown -- can receive money by not flying. You're going to say that big box of course airfare is very expensive. And it won't be hard to find a place the contracting to -- your home because 2013 the number one trend in hospitality industry is. Wellness act -- house out to be big this year so not to be tough to find something close to credit terms of the length of time here how long should folks go away for well that traditional trip is -- seven days long but if you're really concerned about money and you -- to just get some court lessons down about eating and fitness. Three day vacation -- offered by a lot of places and of course a lot less expensive bats get so you can let alone -- and editor with that is not exactly a militant Hamas -- not bad either. And terms of timing when to go over data winner right now but you're saying now is actually a good time -- -- price a little lower. Right now everyone has sort of -- holiday hangover from travel. Average kind of staying home Chris this is it time to -- you're gonna get -- -- prices. In January and February -- -- being called weekend after just -- so look at the weekend after meet your holiday weekend so the weekend after the fourth of July the weekend after Labor Day. They're not going to be getting as many customers they can drop prices. That's when you're gonna -- best. That makes a lot of sense and speaking of nice -- here let's talk about some your recommendations here and let -- and that's are worth the price is one that is a little. Steep but sounds incredible. It's a lot steep let's be out there really it is. -- this is the canyon ranch in Tucson Arizona. About 101000 dollars for the week human needs is everything under the sun. It's -- from forty fitness classes today cooking demonstrations talks and guided hiking guided hiking. -- -- -- Everything you can thank god you know got money and that's where you -- -- for seven grand per person I would leave with a caller yes. I don't write him. And that may and what's -- or two on the list a little bit. More reasonable -- so that we 500 dollars for the week as he harm -- in Tampa Florida this is stark tells America. Very beautifully -- -- get nutrition consultations physician consultation personal training. Three bombing of the day combinations and daily -- the very very nice check. And about half the price change not bad at all and our personal favorite here. -- very. -- -- so good so good this is the one that really makes me think. Vacation and yes this is pure heat that he ventures and it's a search and -- -- at camp seven days longer to get daily Easter construction. Daily -- hikes beach barbecues salsa lessons massages and -- -- combinations. And -- that he had summer can't beat that. All right sounds like a good deal thanks so much for being here we appreciated our beautiful sunset here you have got on so things have really proceeding he could since everybody else there. Can -- all this info check out our FaceBook page -- at WNN fans. Dot com.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Where is the best place to go to jump start that New Year weight loss resolution?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18167526","title":"Tips for the Perfect Weight-Loss Vacation","url":"/WNN/video/tips-perfect-weight-loss-vacation-18167526"}