Top gadgets for this travel season

"Giz Wiz" Dick DeBartolo is back with gadgets to relieve some of the pain of traveling.
3:49 | 04/17/18

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Transcript for Top gadgets for this travel season
Soon. Let me. It might be trendy to unplug while on vacation but some travel tech is just too good to leave at home. So that his whip Dick DeBartolo is here to make sure we travel in comfort and style. Did we got force. We have some fun stuff bird rose so this is a flashlight. Okay this is also a 6000. Millie and external battery can English went out and so if you wanted to charge your phone and flight or Europe and iPad would ever you can charge it using this how ever it also comes with a strap. And it is also a scale all. So you can weigh your luggage and you yourself after eating on hand at. You know I'd pay oh wait fees exactly. I hope so if you're a journal foe seeks it is explain this is a way to cover your seat on an airplane or trained. It comes with a mask. It comes with a trade cover. So that give ego OK it comes with antibacterial. Hand wipes they contain the on grass Harare. And then it's a kid's version that comes with crayons. For the pillow that's where that's at least accurate. I yeah. Right and the kid is fifteen day at a already. How can you set to go. All right so this is this is very causes colds there are tray like Eric's right hand and basically have to have the window seat for this but you take this. And then it slides into. The slot on the plane with the shape goes. And then you have your own little additional Trai. It has a non skid surface. Co. Grade and then this guy's doing here and he's gonna show us that at the and you see the sun hitting the lends them there are two holes they can put your eyeglasses and one in sunglasses in the abdomen. Campaign every. Kay's fifth got to keep things organized strategy exactly now I don't know if he'll likely I think this is a great idea so you heard of Oregon. This is so Oregon and saw as and fly got at city ask you see me can I share the arm rests with you by using this. And it goes down over the armrest. And then each of you has a place to put your on. And you have a barrier between the two of. You that makes two armrest out of the one I didn't know what an in Upton had played the elbow game anymore exactly but I'm really good at the album being bold. Creek heavy by the redundant claim that al-Qaeda claiming the very beginning and it's adjustable for distance tries on pretty well. So this is really need this is the travel what a pic it's called the water pick. I sidekick separate enriching your cue yes exactly what I want. OK so you push this button that takes out the forcing device take this so often. Take the plug the plug site considered violent and now genetically this goes into there. This goes into the and often the entire thing is set to go so you can fleshy cheeks where ever you more that's critical is when I'm not. Why you're sitting on a my not later sitting an apparent that Sharon and her that they would agree that that. And that comes and I I don't have it and white. Very cool. So we get the travel comfortably our chief they're going to be nice and clean our luggage is going to be a real drag race no we're gonna let you and without catching up close look with germs for I like it were ready to ago. Get addicted are still always great having you on that you don't forget to check out sticks website is without bays or Demi and fans dot com for these gadgets. And a whole lot more we'll be right back eruption here's them.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"\"Giz Wiz\" Dick DeBartolo is back with gadgets to relieve some of the pain of traveling. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"54521931","title":"Top gadgets for this travel season","url":"/WNN/video/top-gadgets-travel-season-54521931"}