Top Scorer Gets the Boot on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren is eliminated from "DWTS" despite high scores.
2:49 | 11/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Top Scorer Gets the Boot on 'Dancing With the Stars'
It's -- I'm not. And we start way. Not that -- I would it then yeah. Equity financing is Dancing With The -- -- -- bring -- the latest breaking updates so we want to make sure that you aren't put your ears if you don't want to find out who went home because it is another surprise is. Elizabeth -- One of the top scores the entire show really what's at home yesterday and that leaving behind people like bill and mildly not been -- -- -- by the end of what was the scoring night. And he still is barely a remedy also didn't have a great night and she's still there. Jack -- is getting better and he landed too intense he was able to stay obviously amber Riley Nelson she's always been front runner she's staying at the -- another front runners Elizabeth let's front runners -- the fact that she's going home. -- prize money but this has been. A season of many surprises were all of that they're going home early and the bad ones on the dance floor anyway and to be say except. Jones have a career and making us with the yeah. Yeah. I'm just so grateful for this whole whole journey. Can use you know I was there. Surprise not to let it not an end in title away like -- I should be it just. I was looking forward to the joy of next week -- thousand amazing -- Aaron and we're going to be friends furlongs diamond maybe. Do something creative together -- so. It'll be saved them to miss this. Very had -- all right moving -- that's right now -- Beyoncé music and using an out about her remember the movie back in 2009. -- princess and the -- the first time Disney cast a black protagonist in the movie the -- Philly fiancee wanted the role when refused to audition for that's according to a new autobiography from Hollywood casting director Alicia Keys was also -- interest -- Tyra Banks Jennifer Hudson -- -- All dishes they came in they do whatever they had to do beyoncé apparently refused. So I'm not doing it which did not sit well with the folks are making the movie and eventually the rolled in go to unique and only rose -- star beyoncé in the movie dream girls -- two years ago -- me get a little deviation there. Yeah is indeed a ballot that's okay how can listen to this pops -- apparently are the -- of choice for kids at bedtime. About half of the 2000 parents that were pulled -- and other kids preferred to -- -- to. The likes of brutal -- then Rihanna and it -- as opposed to -- into the lullabies I grabbed my baby or delusional -- so tired. Day Ivanisevic. Yeah. Yeah we I get why you know the -- they don't like something magic in this -- Finds -- the were mixed it.

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{"id":20859749,"title":"Top Scorer Gets the Boot on 'Dancing With the Stars'","duration":"2:49","description":"Elizabeth Berkley Lauren is eliminated from \"DWTS\" despite high scores.","url":"/WNN/video/top-scorer-boot-dancing-stars-20859749","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}