Tornadoes Rip Through North Texas

Multiple people were killed Wednesday as a spring tornado outbreak devastated parts of North Texas.
2:23 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for Tornadoes Rip Through North Texas
And good morning we begin with breaking news in north Texas where at least six people have died when a tornado touched down firefighters using flashlights and I'm going house to house looking for anyone still trapped ABC's Jim Ryan reports from the hard hit town of grammar. This storm rolled in from the southwest and tornado sirens started blaring just before sunset. Witnesses say pea sized -- soon turned to baseball sized. And then hail stones decisive grapefruit were -- a subdivision near the town of -- not far from Fort Worth. Branch of presences subdivision -- -- -- that south of grand vary about. About three miles by the way the crow flies out there and yes. And it was there's about a 110 homes in that residential area been told that most all of that is in. Heavy damage to -- totally destroyed conditions out there. As paramedics were rushing into the area to treat dozens of injuries school buses were pulling away taking evacuees to churches that have been turned into shelters. Those people are telling stories of an extremely intense rain wrapped tornado that study extensive damage to neighborhoods. It's been a devastating yourself for and things now with the weather coming around the candidacies and it's. This particular night is not anything like -- Iverson. Units rescue operations were getting under way -- another storm was -- on the outskirts of Tel prompting new severe weather warnings. Jim Ryan ABC news grand -- Texas. So already at least six people have died and as we have twenty people at least twenty people at the hospital fourteen of them are being treated for. A wide variety of them -- injuries here lacerations contusions fractions. And fractures rather. -- an area shelters the F fourteen people still unaccounted for and hope that there in the shelter he -- there with relatives and it's just you know it's crazy night you hope that it's just a matter of locating them to her and not anything worse than that a number of -- of deaths don't go up. By the way additional storms that moved through southern Oklahoma as well when there's a lot of damage lot of holes toppled lot of power outages and to some -- -- did you see the size of that -- -- and it was so fast -- the good news is now the firefighters able to move in. And start looking through -- -- is like to see if there are people there and if they can -- as painful as it can. Yes 1 a night -- morning.

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{"id":19190944,"title":"Tornadoes Rip Through North Texas","duration":"2:23","description":"Multiple people were killed Wednesday as a spring tornado outbreak devastated parts of North Texas.","url":"/WNN/video/tornadoes-rip-north-texas-19190944","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}