Travel the world without quitting your day job

While working a fulltime job, blogger Saf Dogan visited 25 countries in a year all on a budget.
4:47 | 04/13/17

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Transcript for Travel the world without quitting your day job
Hopefully song yeah sure that we ought to run around the world wasn't so. Dream of traveling for an entire year. But one man was actually able to do it in real life and he didn't have to loses job for attendance up. That's right travel longer sack from dove in. Managed to visit 25 countries in 2016. All while working a full time job ABC's Geneen Elliott caught up within. To show us all how he did. I was stuck on calling have stuff that didn't take itself this is the place to be the. That success at 32 years old south Doby and has seen more of the globe than you probably ever will. Especially when he spent last year doing this I. I've flown. For eleven days 591 late flights and the length though those flights was basically six times around the world I'm here in Dominican Republic Seth spends almost any spare minute he consigned. Traveling. Jetting from his day job at a digital marketing agency in New York City to export destinations across the world. This is so. I have three day long weekend so you leave on Thursday afternoon if you're flying to Europe that means you're in Europe. Early morning Friday if you leave in the evening of Sunday that gives you pretty much three full days. Think it's due it was this but he didn't blow his life savings in the process. He managed to do it falls on a budget. I recently flew to Sweden. Round trip 4119. Dollars from New York edges. Booking events and during low season. The for the novice traveler say they're starting from scratch they're going to book a flight they don't want spent a lot of money the don't have a lot of time what's their first step. Building your credit score taking advantage of the credit card deals and banking points and miles as much as possible but I did not book all my flight so miles. Instead. South sometimes relied on unconventional methods to get the best deal our airlines like no region where you can get. Really chief retiring. Tickets go to the Norwegian language website. And that means he even better prices but and you have to. It's not hard at his dislike the same slow and you can always is likely to translate. And I did try it with. A new airline that's Mexican people artists they do also charge you little cheaper if you book. In the next contest those. Regardless of the currency sass says the key is to take advantage of airlines digital mix ups and sometime this thick manual human error. Sometimes it's just like to out or them messing things up. But some airlines they do end up offering. Really cheap tickets I did flight to Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates for 178 dollars round trip. Sap also recommends taking part in hotel loyalty programs to safe on accommodations. Used to be booked hotels sometimes nine months and it then ask could that help you get better deals you get really good deals if it's like a smaller. We'll tell meta change on because they want to fill it up as soon as possible what I paid like fern really nice hotel in hero was not. It's really more than thirty bucks and ninths. New. Some would argue that you can't really appreciate the city only thanks a short period of time there how do you make the most of them of your time I took advantage of. And walking tours in every city. Re walking towards the base walking towards. They take you into the most important places in there two hours three hours and when asked CBS any plans of slowing down right now I'm at 45 countries. And I want to that the number 100 site. Eight of 48 years in every place you see that some things that can standards so. You're really appreciate what you have back home and it's feeling of gratitude. That's she says it is concerned at this Geneen Elliott ABC news New York. Larry ahead Villarrial and then nomad tribe I'm taking notes are Travis is what I think is connected the same level that would sure that he did hundreds of sending our dollars. Here's a deal there are different sightseers including flight hack and the flight deal that will tell you all others in the state fair but you have to jump on it immediately and be willing to go wherever I go at any point there is one just last weekend on Expedia. Experienced some problems and they had tickets to Asia from New York for 200 dollars roundtree a year hadn't Asia I was passed out of the tough task. But I didn't know it on the Ethiopian airlines one from earlier this year for 300 dollars round trip militants who happens. Amazing. Scandal might still coming up.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"While working a fulltime job, blogger Saf Dogan visited 25 countries in a year all on a budget.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"46771085","title":"Travel the world without quitting your day job ","url":"/WNN/video/travel-world-quitting-day-job-46771085"}