Treasure Hunt in New Mexico Turns Deadly

Authorities identified the remains of one of the thousands of treasure seekers hunting for two million dollars' worth of gold and jewels hidden by 85-year-old millionaire Forrest Fenn.
2:33 | 07/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Treasure Hunt in New Mexico Turns Deadly
For years now thousands of treasure hunters have been flocking to parts of the west in search at hidden treasure focus on one of those treasure hunters vanished earlier this year but we now know his faith. ABC's eager banker joining us now with the details disturbing details at that good morning good morning to you drain and can this yes at that treasure seeker confirmed dead just yesterday. This is the first tragedy since the treasure was hidden by 885 year old. Self professed Indiana Jones who says over 65000. Thrill seekers have come in search for the millionaires bounty. The Rocky Mountains majestic and dangerous. Police say the remains of 54 year old Randy bill you were found Tuesday along the Rio Grande the grandfather missing since January after going in search of hidden treasure. Gold diamonds and jams hidden by antiquities dealer forest fen. Who says the trove is worth two million dollars. Drying experts and amateurs to the Santa Fe wilderness. From around the world. I've climbed into some canyons that I know. Very few people have climbed in one alignment motives molested to get the kids off the couches and out into the sunshine a word from game rooms and texting machines. Sin has discouraged travel in the winter and personally chartered a helicopter to help in the search for W. Who friends say set out January 5 with a GPS device wet suit and waiters. A day after his ex wife filed a missing persons report his dog and raft were found. Brady's remains have finally discovered six months later the only clues to what bill you was asked or are in Finns memoir the thrill of the chase. And fins fans have become a cult following some posting their condolences on social media. Police aren't saying much except that the investigation into the death remains active fame in Kansas. So Adrian big question of course is that treasure area is still very Garrity people searching for nothing well according to Fenn he says he buried his treasure back in 2010 and it's still there Faxon people have been within 200 feet. Of discovering the treasure it. But did I find it. If they're within 200 feet how to they not. A good thing he hit it very well I think after they leave this may be on so many yeah it is easy to gonna gain of hot cold. Now long events along the way certainly a bittersweet allegory dangerous and I think is exciting game but it's not easy yeah right Adrian banker Adrian thank you know problem. And when we come back. Take a look at where the action last night at the Democratic National Convention. And really the thing that bigger is looking forward to the men tell all and the bachelorette. Yeah. The skinny his next.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Authorities identified the remains of one of the thousands of treasure seekers hunting for two million dollars' worth of gold and jewels hidden by 85-year-old millionaire Forrest Fenn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40917483","title":"Treasure Hunt in New Mexico Turns Deadly","url":"/WNN/video/treasure-hunt-mexico-turns-deadly-40917483"}