Tropical Storm Harvey continues

Flooding continues in South Texas, leaving thousands of people displaced and forced to evacuate by any means possible. ABC's Lana Zac has the latest.
4:42 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Harvey continues
ABC's Ron as actors in the take evict you can still hear and see the rain coming down on her. Good morning on. Good morning ended the Diane I'm trying hard not to be blown over at this very moment another band the punishing rain did launching an assault here in the city of Houston and there is such tremendous. Need out here. Them Red Cross is asking for all assistance. And the city of Houston like so many others this are in a special need of medical professionals nurses doctors mental health professionals and social work. Houston's George. Originally planned to host 5000 evacuees that number was quickly exceeded but the Red Cross doesn't want to turn anyone away. She is what Katrina looks like thousands of evacuees arrived by bus slowed even by dump truck for many their only possessions are the damp clothes on their bodies. Everything else is gone. There in the tumbles was lifted by chopper from rising floodwaters with her four children. You know I'm trying to get it you know voted to get there Bradley am. He doesn't know how long they won't hear me I am doing it and we have again. There has been an outpouring of generosity but it is dwarfed by the need. We don't have anything. You know we lost everything in our part of it. This really of course. The loner an air rescues continue. As millions of gallons of water are being released from area reservoirs. Officials hope to prevent catastrophic dam failure. There is a reality that we have to come to grips with. And that is we aren't just beginning the process. Of responding to this storm. 121000 members of the National Guard have been deployed to help the disaster affecting millions over thousands of square miles. But so often the rescuer is just a person who decided to help. But don't help you I'm here to help you. And that's so much of what we've seen attendance and Diane just good people coming to the rescue and it seemed almost astounding when you hear the officials say that they are just in the beginning stages of dealing with. The aftermath of tropical storm Harvey one that ends nine and fair to say aftermath because it continues at this very moment. But still it feels like we're so many people like we have been living in this new reality for months longer than just a few days chemists Diane. And Mon I know you're at the convention center it's now over capacity give us a sense of how people are doing there. It was astounding and humbling to be there at Kennison Diane and we want just. And as as groups by the thousands came in there and and during one break I had when I went intend talked to some folks hear their stories and try and report them to arrest of America. And found myself quickly with with how old in my hand. A walking around giving directions about where to go to add to stand in lines. Hunt we're in for shoes or four kids clothes or. Power even for food it was an all hands on deck situation and it continues. To be one I know that more people are coming to help out and if I can help to get out the word daring and and that's what we're all trying to do because it is. Still moving to see. To see those people in need not and actually want to show you some thing in this if we have it. And that somebody can named that man hand little bat man at the convention center they came very early in the morning when you first there. I'm a dad and his son who just wanted to deliver not only supplies which they brought. But some cheer and and the father told me that the than the city Kingston was in need of a hero. And his son that hadn't had just warriors all of that it was his idea. I got up and certainly better than they watch handing out they handed out little. Activity in coloring books six hitter and there were smiles from young and old alike and it really. It did one though it word planet millions moments that you carry Whitfield it's remote Henry. Let me ask you really perfect as you said you wanted to get the word out there really really quickly. What's that one need that these folks need shelter food wet what does it. And they do they need all of those things the Red Cross can provide all of them so for people who are watching across the nation the best thing to do is to go online and to donate to the Red Cross you can also do that is by and by texting the Red Cross income tax from the work Hartley and they'll donate ten dollars to them but but you can also send an in kind donations certainly if your within the area they are in need of volunteers. Our it. And indeed in need a lot of things on the secretary thank you.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Flooding continues in South Texas, leaving thousands of people displaced and forced to evacuate by any means possible. ABC's Lana Zac has the latest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"49485447","title":"Tropical Storm Harvey continues","url":"/WNN/video/tropical-storm-harvey-continues-49485447"}