Ukraine, SB1062 and the News of the Week

Troop Reductions, Jason Collins and Droughts made up the week's headlines.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ukraine, SB1062 and the News of the Week
-- a smile on my face isn't needed. Actually -- knew -- Carolina you really yeah I love it love by McFadden got -- -- and -- on this morning and we'll have to dance indoors this weekend because nearest city is. So call 20 my goodness there was finally -- quiet week on the weather front of the headlines were active with international news here is our Friday -- -- -- does not play by the rules he has unlimited resources. He sometimes called the Osama bin Laden of drug trafficking most of the impact that he's had in the United States. The president of the -- superior. That's why we have cool and collected you what. We chose further reductions in troop strength in order to sustain our readiness and technological superiority this is not about hate. Or bigotry of any sort but rather for the protection of religious rights -- news. Discrimination. Couched behind the belief that I can kinda -- -- speeds. After -- the arguments I yeah. Senate -- 1060 Jesus. -- usually like you know of the background with a background players and it's it's weird obviously various. -- The same time it is -- it is going. It's part of life to get my work can relax and get people all torn up notes that never vitamin Hamilton. But is a dumb way to run a country every time he's gone it's been really good for me. I've personally seen the massive amount of financial -- this disease causes and -- the American people ever decide to reject genitalia driven comedy I want no longer be able to afford it. We need -- well I -- -- -- -- towards me that you needed during. It's just kind of went the yeah. How -- -- -- -- remind you about a special feature for our FaceBook fans -- installed in case you -- did and you can check out all the highlights from -- -- this -- just log -- W and and fans dot com to take -- look -- -- thing we did this -- there was a lot of -- try to get -- on the -- from Waldman with -- Biden bringing the TV -- to us. We celebrated world news now -- today you can -- some of the fun and I logging onto our FaceBook page. -- it is such a good time little Ethiopia Iowa historical think the only umbrella lemonade hot shooting and beach volleyball my favorite part was when you -- Gasoline Albion up right Avery why how and when I got stuck to share of one music as he -- grin yeah.

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{"id":22713958,"title":"Ukraine, SB1062 and the News of the Week","duration":"3:00","description":"Troop Reductions, Jason Collins and Droughts made up the week's headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/ukraine-sb1062-news-week-22713958","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}