Unique and delicious lasagna recipes

If you're lacking inspiration in your quarantine kitchen, we've got the ways to spice up your lasagna. ABC News’ Will Ganss got the saucy secrets at New York’s ‘Lasagna’.
3:57 | 04/03/20

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Transcript for Unique and delicious lasagna recipes
It sounds. Constantly we. Among the hottest dish and money money is and lasagna. The most respected minds in America agree the Wall Street Journal. And Paris Hilton this and the teacher that's hands on. So we went to be experts and where else lasagna right here in New York City. Jeff Adam Hoenig spilling does not see secrets to a perfectly song why do people look lasagna cell lines. It's Coke and I am so. You know mothers may and yes it's that symbolizes something this company has sauce lettuce cheese and as mean as delicious inside and. But this morning forget your mama's does not accept Adam taking custody kitchen to spice things done the velocity here is that there's a lasagna for everybody right that's correct. At the restaurant that we may seventeenth. All things to order today. That it is hooking us up with three mouth watering masterpiece. He kept me drooling on camera what edited out speaking of candidate out I got out of the ways like chef Adam do his thing. Beginning with the vegetarian option. A layer of cream lasagna sheets and yeah net cheeks for Jesus on his accommodation before cheeses or its farmers organs all. Lots are. We got them. Now that seafood lasagna. At the tomato sauce. And now we're going to take the trip that's kind of silly. And place them inside. Jeff sprinkling in some other lasagna tips along the way through a little more cut. God has also very important he. Of their about a season correctly also. There's a lot of flavor to resign. Sauce cheese and good to go and finally and and I don't release it that's. Short it is cooked in the oven about six hours of rain that was. Red wine. They'd. We'll get a business falls off balance like heat up the tomato sauce at the short rib salt and pepper. And so that was coming up a little bit that's notice. Later. And then the red gets the same treatment sauce lasagna sheets and she's kept tossing all three lasagna is into the oven at 375. Degrees. Twenty minutes later and hostilities doesn't back at this table chef explaining there really is a lasagna for everyone. It turned deliver something that is really good and so we're helping but for now that Portuguese was not able to you boomers are. Unbelievable we'll. Oh my goodness we've got some of lasagna restaurants amazingly is on his right here for you guys to try out digging in as well we got the short rid this seafood lasagna you have gluten free option I didn't know you could throw so many things into a lasagna plate. Great to know right but here is the best part you guys listen to this if you're nervous about making their own dish you can let the professionals do it lasagna restaurant here in New York. Is still open for deliveries in and a time like this supporting your local businesses and always tastes good you guys. Sacramento. I actually of people now that don't mind eating here is is that you left the defeat brutal wind and just look up I have there's is that. At third of its chance that I can actually be eating the seafood while I'm allergic. I felt like I can attest that here I'm not habitat that right now. Oh some of that has been eating our own writing I'm gonna find out of the break and make sure and I'm taking something home deathly because they're gonna come back by both met and hit look you know and thought they would. The people according kitchen is open these days and I hope that when people walk out of this pandemic that they're all like the best chefs stomach all admirals that. This is about to be new restaurants up and start the issue again here on AID Arden. Equipment.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"If you're lacking inspiration in your quarantine kitchen, we've got the ways to spice up your lasagna. ABC News’ Will Ganss got the saucy secrets at New York’s ‘Lasagna’.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69955826","title":"Unique and delicious lasagna recipes","url":"/WNN/video/unique-delicious-lasagna-recipes-69955826"}