An Update on the Happenings on 'The Bachelor'

"The Bachelor" featured both a soccer game and a car that turned into a boat
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Transcript for An Update on the Happenings on 'The Bachelor'
I walked back to -- Good morning -- -- and that means we take our weekly look at what's going on and ABC's the bachelor I want to get -- parent that -- -- is well. And senior vice president. -- -- -- -- -- I was busy. Finishing up my copious notes once again. -- -- that that is saying we're against the trying to interpret that Richard Sherman rant went from the other night. -- -- -- -- Crazy stuff stand crazy -- the bachelor was on again last night fifteen ladies involved. The first date was with a young woman named Cassandra that went for a drive. Until they went for a boat ride just look pretty cool it it is drove it right into the water. Yesterday. There was it was pretty neat Cassandra was impressed day like each other's company. Cassandra gets the rose -- let's move on. Second -- Two we don't play some soccer there at de LA galaxy stadium. I think the red team warned that unless the blue team won the and it doesn't really matter. A young woman by the name of Nikki gets the rose moving rapidly forward. To the third -- Chelsea. Chelsea had some trouble. -- with the with a bungee jump until she did. So there they went old boy they actually -- -- -- -- to -- no doubt either that or she wanted to stay on TV a bit longer. They had a very romantic upside down kiss which was. You know. Well good for them Chelsea got the rose or if she went. I'm wearing my you know where in my in my soccer storm -- -- -- big soccer fans of Liverpool football club affect my brother in law for this. There anyway. We're gonna -- -- -- new here this week yeah -- Juan Pablo. Shortlist count. I'm -- and we pretty angry there was there were killed them Juan -- you have soldiers drove them to I was one current one which would Cassandra. And -- it was -- a pool party. With the ladies. She's always in front there and we're particular -- it was a it was not game at Atlanta. There aren't criminal act so speaking of tube. Two were unlucky women didn't get roses last night. Lucy who was free spirit. She can -- be the free spirit someplace else and Christie. Who we don't really know she was sort of what she's gone thirteen ladies left Iraq to South America South Korea and the the analyst is out. See -- back. Just just can't think he likes the gasoline more than -- he's totally into that stuff -- we'll see -- next week. I -- concern about pop star -- her mom now speaking out about her daughter's battle with an eating disorder. Then she says that doctors shoulder catch almost -- -- and they were surprised she didn't collapse on stage. The singer -- -- right now for and Alexia and Bellini -- mom goes on to say that he kicked me out of cash and school but the problem got much worse when she hired a manager at eighteen. She claims that he told cash actually lose weight -- way she could all right Brad Pitt sporting a new haircut at a heartthrob showed off what. The producers are calling a sexy new deal I don't know about that but if you show in the south of the producers guild awards in Beverly Hills. He shaved on the side slowly got top think World War II military vet circa 1964. -- I -- -- and -- it says the military inspired -- is indeed for his new World War II role in the film fury. She has been shooting in Britain Sunday's. PGA's was the second awards show in a -- from -- after Saturday's appearance at the sag awards for his film twelve years -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"The Bachelor\" featured both a soccer game and a car that turned into a boat","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21606403","title":"An Update on the Happenings on 'The Bachelor' ","url":"/WNN/video/update-happenings-bachelor-21606403"}