‘Vaccine passport’ debate intensifies

Texas joins Florida in banning proof-of-vaccination requirements as more businesses and schools consider whether to implement them. ABC News’ Alex Presha has the details.
2:30 | 04/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Vaccine passport’ debate intensifies
This morning health officials are warning parts of the country or on the brink of all fourth surge of corona virus infections. Because more contagious variant of the virus are quickly infecting younger unvaccinated people. It really doesn't take much to get this process going with schools open marina restaurants and even sporting events is not surprising that seeds is seen surges. In Michigan the country's newest episode her doctor say 70% of new cases could be from the UK very. We're seeing a lot more. Younger adults middle aged adults being affected getting sick in coming in. But as cases rise in nineteen states some governors are moving forward with easing restrictions California's governor says all capacity limits will be lifted June 15. If hospitalizations and vaccination rates stay on track but the State's mass mandate will remain in place. The imperative and importance. Of not letting your guard down not taking up your masks. Maintaining your vigilance. And accessing what's your eligibility comes up. The Biden administration is pleading with governors to hold off on easing restrictions. The president also moving up his deadline for states to make all adults eligible for the vaccine to April 19 in the meantime a new battle is brewing over so called vaccine passport as more companies in schools consider whether to require they're employees customers and students to approve the. They're vaccinated. But either private organization. Once they're required vaccination or use their services and they should be allowed to do that whether that's. Cruise line that wants to protect their customers or pictures that wants to protect their congregation. Florida's governor are already being in businesses from requiring proof of vaccination. Saying vaccine passports would create two classes of citizens based on vaccination and now the governor of Texas also banning them. Government should not require any Texan. To show proof of vaccination. And reveal private health information just to go about their daily lives. Apps as millions of Americans try to plan your summer vacations doctor into any doubt she is striking an optimistic tone saying he would fly with his Stanley this summer. But only if cases go down. I can tell you if I have to go some place. This summer. Like with the family I would not hesitate to do that if in fact. We continue to come down on the infections and more and more people get vaccinated. As for those so called vaccine passports the White House says the government will not mandate them at the federal level.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Texas joins Florida in banning proof-of-vaccination requirements as more businesses and schools consider whether to implement them. ABC News’ Alex Presha has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76919033","title":"‘Vaccine passport’ debate intensifies","url":"/WNN/video/vaccine-passport-debate-intensifies-76919033"}