Vermont woman's obituary to her late sister goes viral

The obituary is shedding light on the realities of opioid addiction. ABC News' Brad Mielke reports.
1:57 | 10/18/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vermont woman's obituary to her late sister goes viral
Now it's an emotional look inside a national epidemic it comes. In the form of an obituary of a young mother was addicted to OP always. I let Madeleine blends in Meyer died eleven days ago after a long struggle with addiction her obituary has gone viral since it was published. ABC's Brad Melky has more good morning Brad. A guest yet isowich wary releasing a hit home with so many people so quickly people who said this this is what it is like. To lose someone the drugs and when he eighteen. Kate O'Neill wrote this about her sister Madeline in Vermont. And it was unflinching it said yes she died of addiction. Yes we fought to save her. But she also said if you think of addicts as junkies remember their human first and actually got the chance to talk to Kate she said yes this was tragic. But it's also not unique. What's been like eight in the days since you published this. It's been overwhelming we've heard from so many people who've lost loved ones to addiction we've heard from suffering and recovering addicts and we've heard from people who. Said they weren't aware of the problem or knew of the problem but didn't understand. How it happened or who happen to you so it's been really wonderful that so many people of reached out to my family and myself I believe. 50000. People died last year from hope UA overdoses. Matty is one. Chase events and that this is happening all the time to families all over the country. And she says he's good inspired you guys but this incredible response to this obituary she says if you have not struggled with this or your family. You probably know somebody who has witty you know it or not. You can hear the entire interview on start here later this morning bliss and fort an apple podcasts are your favorite podcasting app Kenneth aerial. Such an important message there there's as Brad said there's not a family. A person that hasn't been in some way impacted by this horrible epidemic and so it's really important we Holler educated about it and that has many different faces got to keep shine a spotlight act got to listen to start here be an important one Brad thank you.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"The obituary is shedding light on the realities of opioid addiction. ABC News' Brad Mielke reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58581113","title":"Vermont woman's obituary to her late sister goes viral","url":"/WNN/video/vermont-womans-obituary-late-sister-viral-58581113"}