Video Shows Panic Inside Doomed Ferry

Heroes worked to save passengers as the vessel started to tip off South Korea's coast.
2:05 | 04/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video Shows Panic Inside Doomed Ferry
Teams are making -- will be their way into that second Korean ferry where they believe the bodies of most of those still missing navy so far 28 people are known dead nearly 270 is still missing also this morning investigators say about valuations did not get underway until thirty minutes after the distress call went out. The captain -- left the bridge just before the boat capsized with an inexperienced third mate left at the Helm. -- she's -- showed just filed this report from the -- These images taken by a surviving passenger. As the -- started to tilt. He's one of the heroes who saved more than -- -- -- youngsters. The students asking him for directions yelling mr. that girls are over there should they go up this way. They made a lifetime with fire hoses and curtains to climb up upside down -- shallow waters rising waters coming up. With that they had to leave the sinking ferry with many left behind. -- -- recorded on creating media showed the last words between a teacher and her students in a group that the teacher asking if everyone's okay it says you don't move and -- still. Get a life that if you can these students reply to each other opinion to prevail we let slip into each -- -- I love you all everyone I love you. Parents on the third they are holding onto hope. Prayers agony fear and -- the emotional roller coaster ride -- going -- it's unimaginable. Many questions remain as to how this happened the captain is now being investigated as a criminal for abandoning the ship early. New findings from the police today the captain did not only gave them both first but he was asked about -- -- -- at the time of the accident. It was a -- 260 crew -- quick Karen causing the very -- ballads. Rescue efforts so far have been hampered by bad weather and total lack of organization. Coast -- for the first time made it into a part of the sunken boat today and pumping in oxygen. The case there are brave survivors. Judy -- ABC news Jindal island South Korea.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Heroes worked to save passengers as the vessel started to tip off South Korea's coast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23375925","title":"Video Shows Panic Inside Doomed Ferry","url":"/WNN/video/video-shows-panic-inside-doomed-ferry-23375925"}