Vikings Fans Record Their Reactions After Loss to Seahawks

Minnesota Vikings fans filmed their reactions to Blair Walsh's missed field goal which ended their season.
2:55 | 01/11/16

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Transcript for Vikings Fans Record Their Reactions After Loss to Seahawks
OK so the playoff weekend. Is gonna kick off our mixture and it was only some wild and wonderful games of fortunately from our Washington Redskins but. Also unfortunately for vikings fans it was a nice back and forth game for rob. It came down to this 27. Yards. Field goal X have. This day there are gonna win the the game these fans brought their for the third coldest game in history so as you can imagine a lot of fans were expecting a victory. Recorded the lost. Bloom. I'm worrying. I'm so sorry. All they're absolutely crushed right everyone is this guy we do see his reaction. He's not even looking he's like I'm not gonna look I'm not gonna looked up and look. And then he just here's the mall. In the event sad and back on his face arteries of defeat I'm sorry it was a. For a lot of there's always next year there is up next. While there might happen next for some people have want to play the lottery now's your chance to be haven't heard 900 million dollars. I would isn't funny insight into this retirement statistics the womb where three billion. This time around sorry one point three billion they'll always take you for that update better than a million to about cash that that's chump change to generate. So why your chances are better of being murdered for your powerball ticket vote and winning the actual powerball won an 650000. Let's I'm very next chance is also greater interviewing out shopping. Is that for real of course is this fish and solving a crime with a pet or an animal your chances are better. Won't but does happen mr. Adams and apparently being shamed by Nick Cage your chances went into. Being shamed by and the case. Give a better shot of that day about winning and winning the powerball but don't let that turn you down because apparently your odds of actually winning the powerball. One in 290. Two night. I'm taking those the wind blows works out. OK so this is get that nobody really wants but Groupon is now selling custom message delivered. On large potatoes so you can drop it like it's hot for five dollars and fifty sets you can get whatever custom message that you want on its super like Valentine's below. You know I'm breaking up with you where. Together forever these things as some of the things that are being sold more not going to be your co Waco won big in the lottery. Truth got the message and I'll get Thursday morning's faith. You tell you about that contract could.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Minnesota Vikings fans filmed their reactions to Blair Walsh's missed field goal which ended their season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36214482","title":"Vikings Fans Record Their Reactions After Loss to Seahawks","url":"/WNN/video/vikings-fans-record-reactions-loss-seahawks-36214482"}