WNN's Weird Photo Picks of 2013

A quick look at the funniest viral photos of the year!
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Transcript for WNN's Weird Photo Picks of 2013
All right let's get ready for the makes we got some really -- to start with the next right got some pictures you're gonna tell us about how we want to -- isn't in the weirdest photos. 50013. And I gotta warn you some of these are really crazy thing to look at the first one. It's a 500. Puff puff -- -- 515. Pound halibut fish that was caught. On the -- only you look at. It reminds -- how you know what effect gives a whole new meaning to fish and -- Yeah. Particularly the next on this is sinkhole. Filled with food. Where is the I don't know maybe it was Saint Patrick's Day it must -- that's the. At number three weirdest photo a shark. -- aids another shark answering the age old or exceed other sharks well -- -- -- -- this could probably do. And that's big shark looks like it looks a little crazy she's crazy as unions -- that doesn't -- -- room. OK now check this out -- -- going to the best minds of 2013 behind the Dino Marc quick 62 clips that you post on line. And we got three of the best ones are gonna kind of go through -- really quickly the first one. Is child being lifted up like -- but from -- -- take a look at. Yeah. You. That's the -- I -- not. What she's saying that they can and angry -- had put me down alright the next month. It is so this son needs a little -- -- set up this is a guy is getting up to have a late snack in the kitchen have also been startled like. But he definitely it. Doesn't -- bank debit card. -- and the very last -- now also a little bit it's out of here this is a dog that when its -- says I love you listen to its response. -- Never really does sound like the. And I doesn't and that's okay today you have -- -- -- -- top 392000. There to. And his inaugural cabinet so we got a safe if you've ever flown on a plane they're trying to might have sat next to this woman boy -- name is Sarah Massey. Take a look at this and she is -- -- she is yeah and you know she's probably now -- -- -- you look at that is -- -- -- Feet in other words that's almost the height of -- -- -- I don't know what she works of Asian strategy and few days ago baby -- baggage you know how to work together for her but. LA faces an Oakland -- that kind of but the the flat -- that --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A quick look at the funniest viral photos of the year!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21377188","title":"WNN's Weird Photo Picks of 2013","url":"/WNN/video/viral-weird-photo-picks-2013-21377188"}