Virginia wins NCAA championship

The Cavaliers defeated Texas Tech in overtime for their first ever title. ABC News' TJ Holmes has the details.
3:08 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Virginia wins NCAA championship
Last night's historic victory for the University of Virginia the Andrei hunter what's the start their March Madness title game against. Hunter not only had a three pointer to send the game into overtime. He hit another three that put Virginia head upward dead Virginia fans on the school's campus in Charlottesville went crazy at the buzzer. Virginia were 85 to 77 winners ABC's TJ Holmes was acting game in Minneapolis. TJ. But today Kenneth who celebrates his soon going uphill walking threw confetti here on the court in Minneapolis. We knew there was going to be a first and tonight it happened to be Virginians turned to be first day and age just won their first ever national championship and they did once again in dramatic fashion. A game between two of the top three defense and all of college basketball got to a very slow start to this game. A very slow start but he picked up and once again Virginia gives us another. Part stop being. Finish this game goes into overtime and they were able to outlast Texas Tech. This was. This all the game but it seemed like a fight at times let me by then the things like these two kept taking. Each other's best punches and kept coming back and kept coming back at what point the Virginia bad during your time I was play and theme from rocky and that's what it felt like most of its game. And congratulations to the kids from Virginia. These kids that I have to remind you last year they were the first team in history. The first number one seed ever to lose in the first round to lose to a number sixteen seed. Those kids got death threats. After that game last year. One player Kyle guy who's now the in most of outstanding player of this final four. Actually talked openly about mental issues and have anxiety after that. To come back on this redemption tour a year later and to win it all you have to be happy for those kids heartbreak for Texas Tech. We're putting up the fight that they did not a lot of people expected them to be in the final. But congratulations to them as well but this one is in the book two teams. Vying for their first ever national championship in Virginia does happen the ones to outlast Texas Tech and in the third. Heart stopping game guys they're going to need to give everybody free hill street expected Charlottesville because. Pretty much the cavaliers give everybody a heart attack for the last three games but that's the word here from Minneapolis does that affect you guys. Eddie got their former world news now anchored TJ Holmes we appreciate you paper staying up late and sending us that piece from Minneapolis. Incredible to hear him break down. How much I make a difference a year makes especially for those kids up at Virginia basketball team. But an impressive showing by the Texas Tech Red Raiders they are I mean it in the first OT since 2008 when it comes to the NCAA. National championship and they put on the show up they've got to lobby are out to on both teams. And so when not deviate heads back to Charlottesville this afternoon there will be think some silent. Welcome home that paint. You couple sigh and there are other semi private schools an a hole with little to no celebration this week out pretty sure the once and for them GAAP. Big big congratulation that.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"The Cavaliers defeated Texas Tech in overtime for their first ever title. ABC News' TJ Holmes has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62267465","title":"Virginia wins NCAA championship","url":"/WNN/video/virginia-wins-ncaa-championship-62267465"}