Wait, Those Aren't Grape Nuts

A weatherman eats cat vomit off of his shoe while on air.
3:00 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for Wait, Those Aren't Grape Nuts
I hear anything this one's got a bomb warning here I have -- you out and I know some people get free diet. Did not -- for a second a weatherman. In Hartford Connecticut Scott and -- name. He's there on the set he thinks he's eating some great not simply that all he thinks he dropped -- right -- -- must -- might not. So these days he's being funny -- -- -- -- -- 32 rule leaflets have been as Malcolm -- a cute they're -- like going to say three seconds earlier they don't support. He goes -- sugar tastes really nasty like an old -- was something. You can tell something's not quite right. Can move on they don't know what they ate at this point and then they move on that because of the weather -- any solve the mystery listening to what he. Those were not grape -- that I need -- I kept finding more and more than on the floor and I thought it was great just look just like -- Mike Katz threw off. Stepped in it. And that's 88 Scott thing I thought it was great not 88 happy moment come home. Television from. I don't know what's -- through. On the door and dignity to it on teammate he could just -- laid low and never brought up the great not ever again I had so many questions number. On why aren't eating their trailers grape nuts if there are grape -- follow you everywhere you know. And you don't happening here and they're not your grape nuts and he had a long anyway not yet has so many questions we need to -- -- investigative -- -- -- My goodness. And the boots on every night. We're having a hard time getting -- that pet. But let's not coming up heartwarming and wonderful all kinds of thinking about the cat vomit -- that a weatherman just eight never amazing. This is one of those. Great reunions we show you -- reunions between service members and their pets all the time isn't hurting homecoming while this is so great great stuff mrs. Maloney. The window when he -- -- the other side of the window has been deployed since Christmas day of the 2011. I instantly loses his mind -- that -- do where to go because of the window closes your browser window go to your owner is -- there -- eat. He's going to run it by our -- dark and -- he just love of his top they've been modeled on the other side encouraging the whole bay had issues. What people. Conditional love you know really in love it's amazing how they -- -- are you calling their Medicare going on ten here is in the -- I'm real quick we got to get to making the official only he's got the whole world put it up lives in China to -- the name. -- 5500. Followers on -- -- Chinese 12190000. On instant grabs giant FaceBook page. He wondered what kind of crazy cat that is it almost looks -- it's not it's an American short hair and a version next. And he is becoming wildly popular possibly replacing Japan's not -- and grumpy cat as the two most popular. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":20526720,"title":"Wait, Those Aren't Grape Nuts","duration":"3:00","description":"A weatherman eats cat vomit off of his shoe while on air.","url":"/WNN/video/wait-grape-nuts-20526720","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}