Water Toys To Cool Off

Toy Insider Marissa DiBartolo stops by with fun water toys for kids to play with and cool off in the summer heat!
4:26 | 08/10/16

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Transcript for Water Toys To Cool Off
For most of the country that has been a very hot summer so anything about getting the kids outside plus water. Is it winning combination joining us now at this year's hottest summer water toys is Marisa DeBartolo senior editor of toy insider that congress set. Thanks so much for being here we money to cool the kids up this summer and sometimes use the toys to collect cell block as well and never X you'll. Has sent a great way to cool down summer is a hunter building by. But nobody wants to sit there billing and tang hon there is a little while and yes when I don't have to you. This is a bunch of balloons so this looks great ups here close and it feels over a hundred water balloons in under a minute away out yet so. Their self shields no more tying no more hassles just laugh and I are paying and that's the thoughts of a husband having them fly happens no water everywhere had to fight even those days are gone so this is tons of fun it even comes with a really cool watching and who didn't. I could use want to have. It is so for a little educational funding in the water and this is the geo safari junior son scope so with this kid stick this right in the water and they can discover underwater work. That's gotten cynical and it's even got a little late ready. Cool night ahead nice inning I had envisioned you have a great view what's going on below the surface that has two times kind of Haitians to kids have a nice idea of what's great cast some awesome. So imagination. Netter stops not even in the pool and with this this is a plea mobile 123 might take a lot ship. Kids can imagine there on board a luxury cruise line. So this entire thing comes with tons of little clean mobile figures lots of access areas the entire top just snaps right off so there's lots of earth that. Oriented and so I don't look there's a C a hey hey did you see it for everyone even a place for the dog to Iraq that I think it is an island has a little seat. And then once playtime is over this entire all the little pieces story inside and oh that's so candy gets got a nice little handle honesty can take it would you pick up. That's great yeah. And then these are fun recent play him. Diving games as kids all the time that the issue is calling this has been that much else to throw in the pool that would think on I have having a lot better than that that this is the aft tiny -- died characters from slim waist so everyone loves finding Dorian all of her friends including email and our new favorite paint. So these dropped right in the pool. Need you end up in a great honor to shatter and they sink rate to the bottom so kids can dive down after them as long as they're strong swimmer and I'm not quite there they met Irene managed to her heinous things. They love these for the pool. And full time is getting a rail and magical spend this year with mermaid magic princess Sophia dolls pools princesses are combine that has entering winning a mansion. Class when you've hit her little I'm magical in Millen on heard traps. While higher. Otis who could. She's to us yes and they full time Peter Ida Raines higher than late at an all different colors MS look great in the formulas in las I'm in the lot and yes and then hurt big hurt her out and even spins around she flutters there's a lot Eric. Kristina her hair brush so keep Ehrlich and then that's what can you. And please view that recognizes. They were much smaller and I was kid brain so you learn never to you olds have. 6% or night he didn't know I don't and they're visiting it bigger than better than ever these are than their super soaker. Shamil torpedo as this is he picked out say can just take aim and fired a lot X. That's really. As it goes over thirty keep it easy double duties so if you wanna put on your little missile here click this screens switch shake correct answer some picket picket. And now I got fired missiles. Yes I don't think that's what's the water switch on. It's that easy season even so the missiles in water and keep the civic action going up that we're not gonna let them in any daylight that came at the picnic at. These are lots of fun and it Switzerland they're AM. It doesn't really done yet and this carrot a lot of water ticket get over twenty ounces of water. These are really fun hit this I think is more for the adults and cricket seven Atlanta and that kidding can part with the water balloons as well apparently apparently had a good time look toy insider senior editor Marisa DeBartolo Edwards though it's great having you here and you can get more information not only on these fund water toys but also many more on toy insider that common of course on our website. WNN fans stuck up.

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{"id":41262485,"title":"Water Toys To Cool Off","duration":"4:26","description":"Toy Insider Marissa DiBartolo stops by with fun water toys for kids to play with and cool off in the summer heat!","url":"/WNN/video/water-toys-cool-off-41262485","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}