Watermelon ham becomes a viral sensation

ABC News' Will Ganss met up with the chefs at Ducks Eatery in Manhattan to find out how to create plant-based ham and hot dogs!
5:28 | 11/01/18

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Transcript for Watermelon ham becomes a viral sensation
Get my friends during the month of November at least that is donated as world. Begin mom yes and that and we envision a world without me. At least one shot here in New York has figured out a way to make of the Eagan ham. And hot dogs yeah. We'll dance tasted it all out. Dared delicious all so yes I can't wait for you that is to triumph behind you know being that I binge 897 pounds of bite sized Snickers. Yesterday for Arlene I figured that I could give the whole begin paying a try at least you know for one meal right. Take a look as McKee. Serena Williams beat Tom Brady and Giselle bunch and beat. Nagin Markel part time he'd. Beyoncé also an occasional peak and so in honor of world today I decided to channel my inner queen being built in Gobi get. Or at least one meal the quick answer Graham search reveals one of the year's trendiest begin dishes it is this. Yet you may be wondering how I handled can be peak and well it's not and that's not a hand. It's a watermelon and it's the creation of will Horwitz at dusk eatery in Manhattan for server not. Demand for meat free begin food increased by 957%. Last year. Chef will has added some gorgeous and begin dishes and as many. So I stopped by to learn how to make them booty friendly defeat and as an added bonus chef will included a terrorist plot to. The work they do the exact same thing we've been doing for many many years or actual real hands on doesn't sauces really good these vegetables right now. Well he took care of the watermelon. Is supposed peeled off the ride and I took care of the carry you had an entire watermelon a charity down here and still. Yeah. But peeling is only step one in a long process. And it's capped by looking at them now because we're about to do of them visited me. Very very different than anything it means everything we are transforming it prompted the very. Process and for the brine made of salt. Black peppercorns and ash. Action it's a little science if you react with the patent the truth as gave help but still kind of skin on it. And that was bailout. Beautiful and currently we're amazing craft. Weird but worth it after a long soak our dishes get a bit of Rosemary and garlic for some added flavor after that. Thanksgiving feast facelift some butter ball Botox if you will. Jeff will then scores the water bill. Now I didn't look really cool and gives it that hamster. But it's always been powerless it is video below love. Let's move through it. Action. And into the smoker they go flat or eight hours and four hours for our watermelon and Carrick respectively. And they're ready. I think he's got the thought that control fast and I was very pleased that he's is actually starting to bubble and yes the crazy it's a good available. It was actually bulb look. I'll never. It's crazy no full hand is complete without gravy yeah. We'll let alone for the listed some people prefer their gravy lumpy. Anyway time for the taste test the this is incredible it's. So good. Music and its Stillwater. But it's looked he would visit our vehicles. Wow that's incredible so maybe my one Degan experience didn't turn me into beyoncé. But definitely go back and see if France two or three a deacon dishes can at least make need destiny's Degan stepchild. That's up. World war a whole new world and carrots. Didn't carry the middle of that morning the. What I don't touch I have minute try you have here don't see how the hot dogs which look like. Hot dogs and yes that's yeah C gets a carrot it. This would assess it looks watermelon radish yeah it looks like Bruce -- trade and that's what amount my hot and then this is the watermelon ham webcast you know obviously I'm going back out of power here I'll ever what do you think pretty good I'll try to the sensory there off camera did I'll tell you how tough. That this is pretty tasting not bad right. The crazy thing is the smoke it like running really against Indiana. And it. The smoke clears does get in there moods is a difference between begin and and plant based diet Chris plant is just like PC term to say like who put them on a plant based. I think that that's just like white sands eons ago and people say oh some talk about giving these tests like that I have. I permitted tasted men and all of this doesn't taste pretty entire. I just water while that didn't turn it looks like him he's very proud are you guys mayors making.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss met up with the chefs at Ducks Eatery in Manhattan to find out how to create plant-based ham and hot dogs!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58893610","title":"Watermelon ham becomes a viral sensation ","url":"/WNN/video/watermelon-ham-viral-sensation-58893610"}