Wedding Couple's 'Dirty Dancing' Goes Viral

Terra and Drake Otto recreated the famous finale to the 1987 movie at their wedding reception.
2:56 | 11/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wedding Couple's 'Dirty Dancing' Goes Viral
Are welcome to the -- everyone and we're starting with an amazing video here ever wanna say this puffed up on YouTube so this couple got married earlier this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what they did at the -- -- it's really special here because it performed. That dance from dirty dancing you know and I only -- Adam finally baby and Johnny and that left at Guillen -- and then that most of the whole thing on -- take a look at -- -- Video there going to be good thing. -- -- the whole thing. Little shaky there's. But they've got an entire crowd and then obviously not -- but they do an incredible job you've got to go online -- the whole thing because it will make your day -- -- -- say arrows to get a look at that dancing up a different guy and yet these people from Arizona agent in May. Dangerous and dirty dangerous and anything they stopped traffic literally in Chicago's busiest downtown area and check out they got on top -- -- in the middle of an intersection. In that area. That's gotta dance -- -- group. The car rental lots of attention from the home -- at the moment Galloway others negative -- Only fifty degrees a lot of people worried about the kids there Chicago police telling NBC five Chicago the adults were from San -- valley Arizona. 59 year old 36 year old when he said there will be no -- charges misdemeanor counts of causing child endangerment. Yeah same place for the kids to -- it really isn't patient regulation just stands outside -- their car and on top of their car. Yeah right well there were they thinking -- Q -- hearing just very much just into line in the newly presented but I didn't he would not -- And -- get a police. Okay check this out it have you ever wanted. Wine. In a place at a glass of wine just is it really practical and of course right. Now more Reagan exactly safe so the next time here rain carrying and you really want -- -- check gates. There you have it wine producers are going to start selling booze in -- -- not just any old beer this is -- and lose the the organ based union -- him that he is selling pinot. In an eight -- can't because they want to make wine more accessible class ferry had a thanks to taste some wind kind of stores are saying it's not affect the taste -- the -- everything. I quickly -- figured out why I never liked vegetables as a kid apparently scientists did tests with -- they probably -- -- probably kids avoid planting greens. The -- they finding out now that. Kids have this instinctual aversion to touching anything that might poison toxins from back in the day so -- DeVon doesn't want to -- his greens the psychologist saying that these keynotes and instinctual thing not to eat something wrong -- poisoned. --

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{"id":20921521,"title":"Wedding Couple's 'Dirty Dancing' Goes Viral","duration":"2:56","description":"Terra and Drake Otto recreated the famous finale to the 1987 movie at their wedding reception.","url":"/WNN/video/wedding-couples-dirty-dancing-viral-20921521","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}