Weddings 101: Modern Bridal Etiquette

ABC News' Nikki Battiste takes a crash course on how to be a proper modern bride.
6:04 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for Weddings 101: Modern Bridal Etiquette
Wedding season is nearly here and what are your bride or groom Maura gast. We're here to help you get ready there are some trends and new ways of adding your own touch to this age old celebration. ABC's Nikki Batiste begins her series with advice for the bride. And and. Here comes the bride. I got up. Sadly that's me economic total disaster. It's wedding season and some wives to be need a little wedding 101. Micah Meyer runs Beaumont etiquette she's dishing out all the do's and don'ts every bride should know I'm and that's where to restart. Aspects of the fencing or can do it solo in town. So I'm grateful bride and very last minute he felt like here going not to sell that's probably the right speed. During that momentous walked on the Nile like this does make sort out what's your posture and lurid that's OK thank you want to be able to see as much of the Jack and your faces possible Ingrid of the cake I hope flight three. So everyone can see how beautiful it is that actually the perfect height. So its kind almost just below the here your valley by an. Hints in hand let's try this again. Since all eyes are on the bright space consumer smile and ladies so often to moves. This one's made by next sentence from bridal reflections in New York beyond the dial modern. Etiquette as part of a waste was an old school. Is it okay excuse just have a honey pot or do you need to register forget I think the scene they don't want to. More money for Iraq the honey fun at the contribution toward the queen's meaning she is. On this and you told her eyes black tie dinner on another touchy subject no children please. I think he is defeat at the very very beginning haven't note that says well you let your little ones. The formal events and checks for adults eighteen. In 2016. Expect to see more ranks giving a toast. In between showing off her red carpet ready picture pose. In addition approximately one turn heat of the night and ways you want to help us citizens of this in and down my back perfect. Mike is top three tips for the perfect bride be graceful and slow watch your posture. Beat grateful and thank everyone but then the real show stopper. I. Can't eat today to act. Like you can dance. Now this would be more formal thing. Nice that in the movie's biggest threats to fifth south east Texas to its side. This bride will be happily waltzing her way into marriage and many states and that he would. Dancing in the U he did. In the communities ABC news New York. And Nicky joins us that Mickey first of all you cannot say you're gonna be a disaster you're already beautiful. That that's not even that real address your room on the night here this week but it I can't walk. But Kennedy and can you Bangladesh and thank you dance you can run early you know but I even do the pocketing your yeah I don't know what the thing about ones but I have staff from dance with me here she's going to teach. All of us the run up on and we. So in the death I I. Classic Dan a classic dancer both of the bride and that the gasoline and start. I'm mom okay. The woman yeah yeah penny this. It's your eyes instead Valeant get I have got work around. Seven rig out and I started getting you know how excited I ask you know that I may end way to get Santo. Now that it's gonna show up sibling guys. Sorry and then everything she's been singing to tracks apple OK ready yet I. Zealots believe an angled back with the right fresh okay it's never gonna just I'm. I don't even releasing your news how about that market it's like eBay Yahoo! and blew out Hayward. Can actually. OK hi everybody got there already I mean now I got Islam. Some rain and under my eyes then. Desk filling up your good friend dominant number I don't related I didn't. Failing he's she's ready to go OK yeah. They're gonna go we'll eyewitness looked fresh and didn't give soda that's. Back again and I got you back tag that is getting better. And I'm defending I'm just got. I'm okay and studio a daybook would have done that. I didn't get this stuff yeah so I think yeah. Like you I don't I got out opened the doors little news yeah hi I'm giving always. Police I don't mean the man of the hour and a they got played she's just so easy losing your bro what's gonna happen to dance with news. Okay look I pray for your feet in short I'm talking you know Friday reading hey anything from above you'll eat out step. Side began his staff. Is doing is seven eyewitness thought I was hooked up Belinda. Bags again. And I know what. Clearly. Elaine Elliott I guess is yes and again. Okay. I think I'm on a high note and half half way so what are your diet. I thank you so much for being here you and I are I can't imagine what you can accomplish in a full lesson if you can teach that lets just a short period of time oh yeah definitely definitely it's slated. We are so excited to keep track your progress and yeah. Well thank you. I can't wait to see a dancer your wedding Mickey c'mon you're gonna kill dazed and he's.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"ABC News' Nikki Battiste takes a crash course on how to be a proper modern bride.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38671573","title":"Weddings 101: Modern Bridal Etiquette ","url":"/WNN/video/weddings-101-modern-bridal-etiquette-38671573"}