Weekend Rewind: Hurricane Michael leaves mass destruction

Over 1,700 search and rescue personnel are in Florida searching for survivors of the Category 4 storm.
2:51 | 10/15/18

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Transcript for Weekend Rewind: Hurricane Michael leaves mass destruction
Don't want to hear. And bet I'm took another giant bite. Out of the weekend box office pulling him more than 35 million dollars from first plays Boris Becker we gonna worldly. There's another great one a stars Boren also held its second place slot. First man that barely getting off a launch that bill in third place and it he's spent the weekend at the movies or enjoying the fall whether it's a little. We'll actually appear this week weekend you likely missed a few news headlines here now is our weekend rewind. 17100. Search and rescue personnel converging on the Florida Panhandle working together the hopes of finding storm victims still alive. Putting canine units to work the estimated loss from Michael's destruction now reaching six billion dollars and of course today still the high priority. Is the search for those that may be still alive. Earlier today. We secured the release of pastor Andrew Brown C. And you Brunson and evangelical pastor from North Carolina was convicted by Turkish court who accused him of spying and aiding terrorist Brunson and US officials denied those charges the pastor celebrating meat and that is 24 month detention. From day. Turkish prison for the White House in 44 hours a day. The New York Times reporting that president from some of law Jared Kushner lightly paid almost no income taxes. Between 2009 point six Dave Kushner whose net worth is believed to be around 324 million dollars according to the report. Use a tax code loophole for real estate investors to minimize what he hoped. Report makes it clear that there was nothing illegal. A spokesman for Kushner says that he has paid all taxes due for to you genie got married today Windsor Castle the extended royal family on hand her father Prince Andrew the duke of York. Helping with the trainer for dressed. Saint George's chapel. Tube of them got here west's. You gazes beyond me yet goes saying that Connie wants to make water to breathe. Lucid remarks cut. Firms then he began with the idea that time. He's the myth. Not the universe come up prison. Not in a different dimension about love any 10 yeah. This guy ninety cuckoo. Good tennis rather than engage on the run and they made a lot more sense than him. Alec Baldwin back on S and now I know having a little fun with. Big how to put an Oval Office yes they have plenty of material for this past year and just used days exist anymore I don't think so they're gone yet that's an.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Over 1,700 search and rescue personnel are in Florida searching for survivors of the Category 4 storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58504242","title":"Weekend Rewind: Hurricane Michael leaves mass destruction","url":"/WNN/video/weekend-rewind-hurricane-michael-leaves-mass-destruction-58504242"}