A New Weight Loss Invention Lets You Eat Anything

A new invention, inserted into stomach, will eliminate food before it gets digested.
2:55 | 01/09/13

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Transcript for A New Weight Loss Invention Lets You Eat Anything
Now it's time for the mix and this first story incredible what -- out of its way to thank you want my hands and a -- water so why try to give myself you -- end as a method to the madness. This is a -- there's a new weight loss invention and basically. It'll let decorators eat anything because there -- up pump. Bet you stick to reading your stomach and ended and -- -- can you know they want without digesting CC bid for the food is just sucked out he gets he gets it tasted but that when -- -- your stomach -- sucked out. And then you know gain weight and apparently 30% of the food from the stomach before the calories. Are absorbed into the body is removed and so causes weight loss like happy your body weight so doesn't really test patients -- never get the idea doesn't hit dean hasn't doesn't get digesting -- just -- I mean the the self doubt -- academy he whatever you want you get the flavor and everything. This crowd behavior that is going to the -- Walking around them. That's wild and especially it definitely -- what does it look -- anyway it has. I'm pushing up. Also brought you -- clothes horses out there this could be a story for you here apparently few big retailers are being -- more than a million bucks collectively because they have labeled. The -- clothing as bamboo. To the FTC. Has five Macy's and Amazon Sears and Leon -- -- Leon Max a combined one point 26 million. The holdings actually -- That it was really out there but they said it was -- to the FTC -- didn't say. When attempting to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and companies need to ensure they don't cross the line into misleading labeling and advertising more truth in advertising -- -- just like there was. How come on come on well how about this Disney were on -- -- forbid there. I love -- there -- like hell grandparents. Buxton and for parents in my opinion but now hold those waiting you know long hours on online ad space mountain gone because Disney World is unveiling these digital wrist band that -- look -- regular. Rubber wrist bands that you can gain entry with them papers so there's still hope they'll hold your place in line. And they'll even give information about your child self I think your kitchen child's birthday when your child reaches the character and -- -- -- we'll say. Happy birthday and he looked freaked out Vatican -- a little -- -- don't. Additional big Brothers and as -- we always -- -- yes all we do follow -- his administration. Also a new study out judge you know we always give -- a wrinkle in effect. I have a little bit here -- -- love -- but -- -- -- Actually is an evolutionary development that our fingers -- -- gets wrinkled when he gets wet because it helps those grip things better than our wet as well also it's not just a weird thing it's an evolutionary thing so yeah. And humidity cool yes indeed very cool need to wake up.

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{"id":18167558,"title":"A New Weight Loss Invention Lets You Eat Anything","duration":"2:55","description":"A new invention, inserted into stomach, will eliminate food before it gets digested.","url":"/WNN/video/weight-loss-invention-lets-eat-18167558","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}