Wendy Williams: 'Beyonce Can't Talk'

Talk-show host bashes singer, saying she "sounds like she has a fifth-grade education."
3:52 | 12/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wendy Williams: 'Beyonce Can't Talk'
You know winning millions she sort of this controversial are straight -- Well now she's talking straight about beyoncé. And she's get some of some some blow back from it and take a listen to tell what she had to -- on the mean we can chat about. -- be watching that documentary even if she doesn't introduce us to new stuff cause fortunately. One of the TVs are kitchen has closed captioning so I'll be able to understand what she said she she did she know beyond they can't talk. You law beyond established about a fifth grade education can't talk. -- Yeah. And and that's what did you think she is not alone for sort of you know. Just -- straight talker. Beyoncé does have -- -- in -- coming out gonna show behind the scenes news of her life with her new baby Blue Ivy Carter. Her business projects an extra footage is gonna air on February 16 on HBO. Beyoncé is rep did not comment and Williams has also declined to comment but I think. You know I love beyoncé also but sometimes is -- to understand what she says she's got to -- that very. I don't know that I didn't -- you go in there you're right -- -- -- -- -- -- and. When -- wrong -- makes her a little. I just see a really uncomfortable moment and cocktail party when an easy thing to meeting. We have not quite we do and winning millions just -- election season well when the. Well -- -- and I didn't know but you know what you -- It is getting handed to her in that she's gonna -- -- out -- anybody -- -- out to everybody and she can take its she gadget we yes yes she can I'm right side high ridership very entertaining -- portrait that when she did her radio show that's what a friend you know legal Eagles and she dished I'm distance marriage she could take it now -- hey let's talk about the LAPD apologizing to the family of notorious. BIJ -- AKA Christopher Wallace. That's for failing to warn them about the planned release of this autopsy report came more than fifteen years after he died in the drive by shooting. That its objectives -- intended to notify the Roberts family but the report was released prematurely. Due to an administrative error according to Los Angeles police department said that in a statement. Case you're wondering -- 23 page report revealed that the rapper was hit by four bullets after leaving -- music industry event back in march of 97. One his -- left lung and colon. And caused his death now the attorney for the Roberts family complained Friday that he wasn't given they weren't given any notice and -- the report. Would be released and criticized for not closing one of the law. Highest profile unsolved murder cases the loss that. I don't like -- I don't like this I mean you know that this -- of a man who who died violently -- has children. Yep as a mother and then unit releases autopsy and they're so graphic anyone's ever seen one. And and -- -- -- -- released in about time and telling him that's a shame you know they're going to be besieged by a cameras and reporters and more. KC's -- it's awful it's -- shame and you -- gotten big big mistake. Well that this is some good news Saddam switching gears Jennifer Nettles of sugar plant -- thumbs up saving. It didn't do mom and a little guy's name make -- sound so grown up check out his name madness -- ten Miller. Then come on you and it's sad to see like some strong man from -- and -- pretty cool. Yes pretty cool movie -- that we haven't got put some time for the last Kristen Stewart is gonna -- start a -- -- with Ben Affleck. I don't know I don't think Kristen Stewart and company she seems very much so not funny to me don't want to I want to look at -- and -- of China can't confirm the rumor that's. According to. Huffington Post but she says it's comedy economic cited about it we start shooting and -- -- excluded. And -- my heart but she's not funny maybe she'll maybe shall turn it around. Blow you away.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Talk-show host bashes singer, saying she \"sounds like she has a fifth-grade education.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"17922949","title":"Wendy Williams: 'Beyonce Can't Talk'","url":"/WNN/video/wendy-williams-beyonce-talk-17922949"}