Whales surprise kayakers

A pod of humpbacks in Hawaii got a bit too close for comfort. ABC News’ Will Ganss has the over-WHALE-ming story.
2:24 | 02/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whales surprise kayakers
He gave him. Vivienne a year give me some kayak or it's not the coast of now we getting a little. Overwhelmed. Thanks to a group of humpback songs either. I. The voice in the video belongs to Christina Jennings. Who says she and her kayaking Powell's a guy named David its wallet mix named Harley jumped about a hundred yards away from the group of Wales. A baby whale playing in splashing around in the distance. From here he'll highly shaking. But then a couple of the adult whales traveling with the pod abruptly changed direction. Heading towards Cristi this group that kind component and it. Why the sudden change of direction maybe only speaks whale. He need and Adori. Lonely blue moon cute but not quite. Christina day who both worked with Quayle's professionally of that I think the male whales were trying to assert its nominee in order to become an escort the female whale in the pot. So that recent signs of aggression had nothing to do with the kayak yours and were directed at other whales instead. But Nolan told partly due to wallet. Until. The pop unable to fetch any courage at the shadow of such a massive creature. Known brilliant perhaps remembering these other clothes well. A killer whale nibbling on this paddled. Or there's Spinner shark who knocked a man into the water. The back in the Hawaiian waters Christina says after she and hardly stopped shaking. Good we had a year giving me. The encounter was totally amazing birthday terrifying at the time sir but funny and ethic now. So apparently thousands of pub back whales make Maui is seasonal home this time a year but even so despite working with whales and sightseeing tours for years Christina and Dave say. This is by far the closest they've ever come to the animals. And government at SeaWorld. And pentagon so the odds very trigger and satire. You know grandma told me never get in between well according. But. Great advice from Graham. If their court. Don't get a quick enough and people like overkill I get out with the whales back clothes that's what I want to know us and saying.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"A pod of humpbacks in Hawaii got a bit too close for comfort. ABC News’ Will Ganss has the over-WHALE-ming story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69227080","title":"Whales surprise kayakers","url":"/WNN/video/whales-surprise-kayakers-69227080"}