White House doctor not backing down in nomination fight

Ronny Jackson is fighting to become the secretary of Veterans Affairs despite new allegations about his past. ABC News' Tara Palmeri reports.
2:16 | 04/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White House doctor not backing down in nomination fight
Hey brings you all. Other motorists are things up with some stunning new Dietz has about allegations plaguing the nominee to head the VA and the White House doctor Ronnie Jackson is accused of belittling. Subordinates excessive drinking on the job. And handing out prescription pills like candy he still fighting for that position by the way. ABC's Tara Palmer joins us now from Washington we're Jackson's confirmation is right now on hold good morning Tara. That's right bank Tenet the confirmation process just got harder for doctor Jackson now that former and current colleagues are coming part with stories of drinking on the job and creating it toxic work environment during the Obama administration. Overnight the president's pick to lead the DA Ron Jackson is fighting to be confirmed on Capitol Hill Jackson not backing down despite fresh allegations of professional misconduct during his times White House doctor. Particularly here in packet processing everything. A ranking member of the veteran affairs committee overseeing the hearings had twenty current and former military personnel have come forward with troubling claims senator Jon Tester telling CNN that the committee is reviewing allegations that he was abusive to staff handed out powerful sleeping pills quote. Like candy and drinks heavily while on official travel. If you're drunk. And something happens with the president. It's very difficult to go and an entry to present house need to be done so this is. Totally unacceptable president temperature needed a showdown to politics as usual and suggested that he would understand if Jack withdrew his name I wouldn't what does he needed for. To be abused by a bunch of politicians. The White House later saying the president will fight for him trump did acknowledging one hurdle for the man tapped to lead the government's second largest agency I know there's an experience. Problem this glaring issue with something the president was willing to look past he and Jackson personally collect lawmakers now accusing the white house of failing to back Jackson. And it's really frustrating to me that this administration continues to. Not that are sloppily send over a nominee that leaves us having to really got them and look at serious questions. A White House official told ABC news that they reject the claims and called his record impeccable. They want the confirmation process to move forward even no hearing date had yet to be rescheduled. Fan attendance.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Ronny Jackson is fighting to become the secretary of Veterans Affairs despite new allegations about his past. ABC News' Tara Palmeri reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"54713652","title":"White House doctor not backing down in nomination fight","url":"/WNN/video/white-house-doctor-backing-nomination-fight-54713652"}