Whitney Houston's Brother Takes Blame for Drug Use

Whitney Houston's brother tells Oprah Winfrey that he introduced his sister to using drugs.
3:49 | 01/30/13

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Transcript for Whitney Houston's Brother Takes Blame for Drug Use
The hey I'm credits to any. -- -- -- very well. Did you saying that we do we just heard from Whitney Houston's mom. Yesterday -- -- to let him come out yet she talked about. Bobby brown and how you -- she felt the body brown didn't help. Whitney's drug abuse and drug situation but now we're hearing from Whitney's brother Michael who says. He is the one who started her on the path to taking drugs which is remarkable because everyone -- and Bobby Brown listened to the interview that he gave. Oprah Winfrey. -- did you introduce her to drugs. I would say. Yes people -- by the brown was the one who introduced to drugs but she was already doing drugs by the time she met -- Here probably was. Did he was after. I feel responsible for always have -- -- -- took -- we're doing together so. And that's fairly hard. And little mom and let's listen to that listening to the fact that one child who was responsible. For introducing. The other child to drugs and and I and I think that -- on Oprah she still gets these incredible. Few news people talk to the article yeah. Barack -- that's really really I think just sheds light on the entire Whitney Houston thing -- just another layer of paint ball and -- -- considering she was such superstars and the fact that. That another family member would would help limit the poisoning of herself as you know considers all of it's remarkable how young she -- -- commencement a year in next -- yeah -- -- -- -- -- Bobby Brown took a lot of heat for starting her on the path that it wasn't it started in the house and did. Break -- news to tell you about fellows Ashley Judd is back on the market she confirmed Tuesday -- after eleven years of marriage she and her husband IndyCar race -- been. They are said yeah -- he's -- tonight he's back on the market house here in the -- I'm not. -- -- good looking couple there ago. No idea whether they're taking steps toward divorce or separation they do not have any kids they got. Married in his native Scotland back in 2001 after being engaged for two years again no kids seemed very much in love. No reason -- -- from either splitting up but they -- will always be family continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love integrity and respect. We always enjoy if you have a husband and looks like that was apparently about eleven years of that loan at Hollywood. On film felt terrible. -- -- Chris Brown -- we've been talking about it -- every who has been tweeting me because -- guy you know he's in trouble getting getting out because. I'm not a fan accused of starting a fight with. Frank ocean while he has come -- he says I didn't start. The fight he -- -- of Jesus on the cross with the caption underneath it. Painting the way I feel today focus on what matters again not he says -- no no no no no I didn't do it his attorney Mark Geragos is reportedly eager. To have his client talked to investigator. Chris Chris Chris let's end on a good note -- that was kind of depressing all bad news here -- those of either love HBO it. Entourage guess what no shocker here they are gonna turn into -- movie. They've been officially green -- That's a scene from the final episode when it went off a few months ago of course the big cliffhanger was whether already was gonna take that big job that he was offered -- that final scene with -- so. -- we'll see how it all plays out no start date just given the -- -- -- on July. Coming -- yes indeed. --

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Whitney Houston's brother tells Oprah Winfrey that he introduced his sister to using drugs. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18351933","title":"Whitney Houston's Brother Takes Blame for Drug Use","url":"/WNN/video/whitney-houstons-brother-takes-blame-drug-18351933"}