Whitney Houston's Mother Is Upset With Clive Davis

Houston sang at the pre-Grammy Awards bash before her death last year.
4:17 | 02/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston's Mother Is Upset With Clive Davis
Welcome to this -- -- bag and we're starting -- -- Whitney Houston's mom and Sissy who is very upset that she got an invitation to Clive davis'. Grammy party now -- you may remember. It was the annual party last year or leading up to the annual party last year and that Whitney Houston died in the hotel. However she performed at that party remember that and then and then that last year and then later not later that night went to the hotel -- and she passed away. Because the next night was the grammys -- like that yeah. So anyway -- as she got the invitation she called it obscene. She says she has no idea why they what might need to come to the party in which she died she called it unheard of but she did say that she probably thinks she thinks that they send it to her for -- sake she's not attending the party did not attend anger at the grammys but she did admit that -- will be tuning in to watch. And all of this kind of tied into the fact that she also just released a book which Bobbi Kristina -- out saying that it was disrespectful to her and her mother. So which says he said she's grieving we get it she's Tribune which you know that I love her sound not a Houston family drama. My daughter and -- -- -- Bobbie you know this kind of stuff he want the job. -- Thompson be invited obvious sign of respect what -- Whitney is still hard you know but you know -- -- other everything entire families -- -- -- it's -- it's -- -- sensitive -- And one moral center before -- move on to some lighter news you wanted to give our respects to Stewart free boarding pass away and tonight meet in London he may not know the name of the face -- you know this man's work he was did you make up genius behind. Star Wars he's a little did you Bob guy and out of the -- and some passed away. The age of -- nine the eight hit a six decade career in film also did. 2001 space -- -- -- other classic movie began his career back in the 1930s and of course claim to fame. Was Star Wars and George Lucas released an incredibly flattering statement saying he was already a legend of the business before he became with a set of Star Wars. But this went into. You pass that you know that Hanson. And and send Dawson left of the settlement but never -- Star Wars -- absolutely incredible man incredible work. Justin Bieber has become the first artist with five number one -- -- Before his nineteenth birthday -- before night before -- -- nineteen this man has this boy to teenager. And five number one albums on the billboard 200. Believe acoustic data is atop the list with twenty -- -- 111000 copies sold. And the great six fast and great tragedy tonight at City College tragedies that have been nominated for -- -- tragedies where media. It is tragic and -- its regular -- comes. Great and little bit last success. Also we're content here for a reality -- -- -- your perspective little bit here but apparently. The Mandela family yes as a Nelson Mandela that families jumping into the reality TV game. -- Not about it. He himself -- he's had a health issues he's not going to be in the show but his two. Thirty something granddaughters are gonna be followed by the TV cameras as they try to do their motherhood thing in Johannesburg. And as well as his controversial ex wife Winnie is going to be in the piece is well. High of thirteen episode first season -- gonna debut very soon they do and the other do it all the press tours and so forth but it -- -- using the usually don't get such a personal peek into this new anti apartheid. I can't -- his family but apparently. Hey has been in an outside of the hospital he is a sick man. And parents reality TV and -- I gotta sign -- and -- give -- -- you can't really quickly John -- is admitting that he was a -- to ex girlfriends we've all seen John -- and the beautiful women that he dated Jessica Simpson and Jennifer and now he's -- he's dating Katy Perry -- years old. He's going to be and CBS's Sunday morning was Charles Osgood and basic on February 10 and basically admitting that he was a -- to his girlfriend and current approach meaning the girls like a bad boys -- --

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{"id":18437490,"title":"Whitney Houston's Mother Is Upset With Clive Davis","duration":"4:17","description":"Houston sang at the pre-Grammy Awards bash before her death last year. ","url":"/WNN/video/whitney-houstons-mother-upset-clive-davis-18437490","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}